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    Actually Pinball Panic isnt a DVD ROM feature, it's just a CD-Rom game that comes with the dvd, it's a decent pinball game.

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    I have DVD drive, and I think that its retarded that they will post the deleted scenes on the internet. Were they thinking at all? That is a good-sized download for the 56kers (not like it will matter to me though, cable bay-bee ). Doesn't make sense to me in the least.

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    yeah, I don't buy them so I can go online and then download them....
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    A lot of DVD-Rom features suck. I really liked the The Phantom Menace dvd features though.

    I have a DVD-Rom drive but since I put Windows XP on my computer it won't play DVDs. It'll read them and I can go into the drive and see what's all on the DVD it just won't play 'em. I'm not nure if I have to wait 'til they release updates for my DVD-Rom drivers and/or video card drivers.

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    Just saw this over at Other then weblinks and such where you have to access the net to access the features the next generation of DVD players may be able to access DVD-Rom Content.

    Follow Up: Yesterday I reported that Buena Vista, New Line, and Warner have all inked long-term deals with InterActual. Late last night, InterActual made a stunning statement. Many of the next generation DVD players will have an enhanced feature built in that allows you to access the PCFriendly ROM content on your settop player! According to the press release from InterActual, "[t]his marriage of technologies will enable consumers to access advanced and online features in the living room, thus complementing today’s experience on the substantial installed base of DVD-ROM enabled PC’s." InterActual and the studios have been working with the DVD Forum for over a year and the next generation machines, or "enhanced DVD players," will have a standardized format to take advantage of this unique opportunity. It's far too early to tell how this will be accepted by the millions of DVD lovers out there. It may be a triumph, or it may be a relegated niche market like NUON. Only time will any event, this is a cool bit of news.
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    I'll have to wait and see on that. Christ, the last thing I need is something ELSE dialing through my phone line.
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    I don't think it accesses the net, QLD. It sounds like it will just allow you to use the regular DVD-ROM things. Any of the stuff that needs to access the internet will probably still be not accessable unless you have a DVD-ROM drive in your computer.

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    Most DVDrom stuff is worthless, but the ROM feature on the Lawrence of Arabia two disc set is great, extremely educational, and helps one understand the career of the protagonist in greater detail- with photos, interactive maps, timelines, and all sorts of cool stuff. That is the only exception I have found to the rule so far.
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