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    DVD-ROM features: Like 'em or Hate 'em?

    I don't have a DVD-ROM drive so I've never actually experienced such things, but I've noticed a lot of discs adding at least a little of these DVD-ROM-only features onto their discs and I was wondering what you guys thought of that.

    Personally, I don't like the idea of paying for content I can't access.
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    Some suck, somtimes it's text only stuff like Scripts and things. The newest abomination is Universal's Total Axxess deal. On the upcoming E.T. DVD, the Deleted Scenes and a few other things are only accessable on-line thru a DVD weblink.

    I can usually ignore most DVD-ROM things, because they usually arn't all that intresting. Scripts and links to the Studio's Official Site, stuff that you have to read, those sorts of things are acceptable. Because it's usually a pain when your relaxing to watch a movie anyway. This is a total rip off though.

    And it's going to be used for trailers and things on the "Back to the Future" Trilogy DVD set. Atleast prices on DVD-ROM drives are pretty nice now, so there will definatly be one in my next computer. But I would rather sit at my couch, when I want to watch things like Deleted Scenes or Trailers.

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    I've only popped my DVDs into the DVD-rom drive a couple of times. Nothing spectacular going on there. So it's not a big deal if they have DVD-rom features. To me it's just a bonus feature for guys that are into that stuff.

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    I don't own a DVD-ROM as I'm waiting for the burners to come down in price. The only disc that I bothered to try and watch the web-based features was TPM. I really didn't have a problem with the method presently but my only concern being the future support for them. We all own CD's (or know people who do) that are roughly 15 years old and they'll last several more decades. With the pace that computer technology changes (just look at how much it's changed in since CD's were released) I doubt that our ability to watch these features in the future will be maintained. I feel that I've bought these additional features as they were advertised as being part of the purchase. At anytime, a studio can decide to pull these from their servers leaving us high and dry. I still prefer to have any additional material burned onto the disc that I take home, not left sitting in the internet ether.
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    I don't have one, but normally don't care too much. Like JJB said, it's normally nonessential stuff. I did bring in TPM to work about a year ago to view the "Mystery" trailer online, but that's the only time I've viewed any DVD-ROM content.

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    as my computer is my entire entertainment center - my stereo, tv, dvd player, game console - the dvd rom is my only dvd player. well, i don't really care about the dvd rom contents too much - don't think i've ever really checked any of them out, to tell the truth. but the real benefit of having the computer be your dvd player is the resolution of the 'puter screen over a tv! seriously, i don't think i've seen a better playback of a dvd than on a computer! now all i need is the apple 23" cinema display... mmmmmm... huge screen... i don't even hava a mac - i'm pc. but this monitor is amazing!
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    I have a DVD-ROM, and I still don't use the DVD-ROM features.
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    Huh, I wonder why these studios even bother.

    If Universal puts that Back to the Future stuff on DVD-ROM, they're gonna have a HUGE backlash of dissatisfied customers.
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    I'd love the features....... if my dvd drive wasn't broken.

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    I really don't use them. The one time I did was when you can see the special AOTC trailer. Some DVD-ROM features have games on it like Pinball Panic from Monsters, INC. But I haven't tried it yet because it's probly lame like the one that came with Shrek.
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