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    Why is all Morning radio TALK instead of MUSIC???

    When your alarm clock goes off (if you have it set on radio)....

    When you're driving to work, school (or Wal*Mart along the way)....

    Don't you want music? I want to get up and rock out!

    Or I want something that makes me feel like ZZTop's "Sharp Dressed Man" so I can get up, rinse off, and start the day ready to get the girls and live my life to the fullest!

    Instead, I hear every dumb "thinks they're a comedian" chatting about nothing!

    Even Howard Stern is only tolerable when I haven't heard him for a while.

    Some radio stations in San Diego used to only play music in the mornings. Especially when they were new and start-ups and didn't have these "so called" talented morning talk hosts. Now even those tunes have died down and gone the way of "The Morning Show."

    When that turns on, all I want to do is shut it off and shut the rest of everybody's opinions out of my day for at least until I've had breakfast. Besides, my job has me dealing with people I must listen and negotiate with. I want to think my own thoughts, strategize in the mornings, and just have something to rock 'n roll to in the background to feed me energy and power.

    Like Metallica says: "Give me Fuel! Give me Fire! Give me that which I Desire!"

    Here I can listen to them on ROCK 105.3, San Diego. But in the morning I have to listen to Howard Stern:

    "Pass the beans will you? You shouldn't eat any more. Your azz is already so fat! Oh hold on: wait! Give me the cordless mike - I'm about to pass gas....

    That reminds me of today's topics. Places and people you shouldn't pass gas with. We have 12 callers with opinions on this on the phone right now..."

    (never mind that this was funny when it was last week's topic - but I've already heard it now...)


    Does this bother anyone else here!

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    We have an oldies station over here that makes it a point to play 60s and 70s classic rock (the only rock I listen to anymore) in the morning instead of a "morning show" thing. I guess the programmers there feel the same way you do, Tycho.

    I remember there was a period of about three months when I listened to nothing but talk radio (Howard Stern, G. Gordon Liddy, Art Bell and some local guys). Every once in a while I just get sick of what's on the radio. Especially that garbage that passes for rock & roll these days.
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    buy a portable CD player for $50.00 then purchase some CDs to play.
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    I don't listen to FM radio.

    Tycho, I thought you had a good mix of discs in your truck? What the hell do you need radio for?

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    You hear new music on the radio, or enjoy classic oldies you may have forgotten to buy or download.

    If it wasn't for radio, I'd still think "Pyromania" and "Ride the Lightning" were NEW albums!

    Also, radio makes you listen to stuff that can catch you off-guard and be unpredictable - not all music you know and can fall back to sleep to.

    There's always internet radio which is seriously cool - tells you the artist and title of new stuff versus the non-sensical jibber-jabber of your local DJay, but I don't know how to set my alarm to it - and I can't tune that in on my truck radio.
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    The only music I listen to is on my CD in my car and I listen to MANCOW!!!!!!!! until he is off then I turn off the radio!!!
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    I know what you mean Tycho. I think it is a California thing. When I was living in Northen CA last year, I could pick up both San Fran and Sacramento stations. I would listen to them on my way to work. Of the 5 rock stations, only 1 of them played music, and even that one was mostly talk. Now I'm in DC. Yes, the morning DJs talk, but they still play plenty of music.

    ....Just another reason I hate California.

    While we are on the subject, remember when MTV actually played music videos? Def Leppard, the Scorpions, and Van Halen were in the heavy rotation.....ahhh, the good old days. They even used to show Rolling Stones videos sometimes.
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    For the reason of those annoying morning "personalities" I went out and bought a clock/radio/CD player so I can wake to the music of my choice. Now that I have a CD burner in my computer I plan on creating my own CD's to wake to.

    In my car where I don't have a CD player yet I've ended up listening to NPR. I figure if I'm going to have to listen to people in the morning it might as well be someone informative and without those annoying DJ's. Of course it makes me feel like I'm 50 years old and make sure to turn it down everytime I pay a toll on the way to work so the booth attendant can't hear it.

    MTV.....argh, what a waste of my cable subscription. Briefly we got MuchMusic locally (it's out of Toronto) and it was such a breath of fresh air. Not only do they play a lot of music, they play a lot of different, more obsure artists that are great. I want my MuchMusic!!

    I find it funny when MTV talks about their "old days" and how many videos they played. They were so unique and groundbreaking because all they played was music videos and no one else did that. Well, now that VH1 has followed MTV's lead NO ONE plays music videos again. Perhaps it's time for another groundbreaking station to play videos instead of all this non-music programming.

    Remember when VH1 played videos? I want my Big 80's back!!!
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    I have been a fan of Howards since '88 and I'll love him till he goes off the air, but the only time I can listen to him is when I'm by myself and not at work.

    The problem is that Howard was/is so successful that everyone thinks they can do his show better- talking about sex, potty humor, whatever. But they usually suck at it and their act sounds forced, like it doesn't come naturally to them. They have to put on their "Radio" voice.

    Here in the Philly area we have 94.1 FM- The Rock Station. They would start w/ Howard, then go to Don (or Doug) and Mike from DC, then go to O and A from NY. You wouldn't hear a single song from 6a until 7p! This from people who call themselves The Rock Station! Thank god that O and A got fired!

    Anyway, I've gotten an MP3 player and burn my own CD's w/ 150+ songs on them, so I get a pretty good variety.
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    I have DishNetwork, so I get MTV2, MuchMusic, and VH1 Classic.

    VH-1 Classic plays lots of classic rock and 80s music.

    The only time I watch VH-1 now is when there is a Behind the Music on a band I like. I think the last one I watch was Aerosmith a few weeks ago.

    Last year, I bought a new CD walkman. It plays regular CDs AND, it will play MP3s that you burn onto CD. I filled a few 750MB CDs with MP3s. I flew from Kuwait to California and only changed my CD twice and never heard a song more than once. It rocks.\\

    Does anyone have XM radio? It sounds really radio without commercials, but it costs $200-$300 for the radio and $10/month after that.
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