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    Anyone Still Looking For Teemto Pagalies?

    Well, I know that I am, along with anything new that's been released (Anakin Tatooine Attack, the Clone Pilot, if the latter have actually been released), but I haven't been finding anything...
    But for those of you who don't mind shopping online, I saw that has Teemto Pagalies for their price of $4.99.
    Just thought I should let people know incase they're still looking for this one...

    Teemto Pagalies

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    Hey, thanks!
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    No and only because Figurestasher found them for me. I havn't been able to find anything in weeks.
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    I have never seen Ki-Adi-Mundi or Teemto. I have Maul, and was about to grab the one Anakin my Target had when another guy picked him up first. And that was the beginning of August, and I've still seen nothing new

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    Haven't got anything since Dijas....
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    Eeesh.. I just bought Teemto at KB for $7.99!

    Oh well, no biggie. He's a nice fig with a very cool droid.

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    $7.99? Did KB raise their prices? Last time I checked they were the same as the rest of the bunch, $4.99. I wouldn't be surprised though if they did though, you are usually going to pay 2 or 3 bucks more when you shop at KB.

    I was combing through my old receipts and I looked up the date I last bought a 3 3/4 saga figure. It was on July 12th, over two and a half months ago. It was a Djas Puhr at a Wal-Mart. Since then I have been shut out. And at the rate the figures are leaving the shelves, it'll be months more before I see another figure.
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