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Thread: Geonosians

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    Wanted to bring this back because I found this image in my copy of 'The making of The Phantom Menace'. It made me realise how many of the episode one rejected designs are being re-used for episode two. We've covered the flying whales and the superdroids but I wanted to bring this discussion back.

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    As I can only post one pic at a time I split this post to bring you this episode two Geonosian which looks so like the rejected EP1 Neimoidian it's uncamnny
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    Rehashing designs really isn't something new for Star Wars. Cloud City was originally planned to appear in ANH but was dropped and 'recycled' for ESB. And ROTJ? Death Star 2, nuff said.

    I actually preferred the original designs for the Neimodians, so I'm glad they are finding a way to put those designs in the new movie.
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    And lastly this realscan version of the Geonosian. This is just a young Geonosian as it hasn't got the facial finnials of the older 'Archduke Poggle the Lesser' Seen in the previous pic.

    I just thought this was at one level lazy design work with a "can't be bothered to think up anything new" feeling to it, but then after consideration offers a nice flow of design thinking in action. from the streamlined profile of the Neimoidian to the grizzled features of the Geonosian in the realscan. Neat! At least these aren't cute. It's nice to get some ugly characters in Star Wars. As long as Uncle George doesn't cutesy them out in post production that is.....

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    Oh for shame! Forgot the attachment...

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    Ugly? I think he's quite cute already!
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    they don't look very smart or evil...just kinda dull...

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    Their suppost to look like the Battle Droids, right...?
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    In the first picture,the head reminds me of Sebulba Athough I cant waith to hear them and to buy figures of them
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    They do look like battle droids.But I think if they are done right, they just might be a good character.
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