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    Baltimore Comic-Con

    I received an e-mail today from about this:

    Maybe you've seen the ads, or heard the buzz...
    perhaps you know someone who went last year.
    It's true, all true.

    The Baltimore Comic-Con is now just a few weeks away.

    The guest list is awesome, the dealers are awesome
    and it's just plain fun every year.
    The info is below, the sweet suites at the Marriott are almost gone.

    We're thrilled to announce that Jeff Amano
    (creator of Gene Fusion and cover artist of Yu-Gi-Oh, DBZ, and Pokemon),
    Billy Tucci (Shi) and Michael Turner (Fathom)
    will be taking part in this year's show.
    This makes one of the best guest lists of the year even better!

    Our deadline for discount hotel rates at two
    of the BEST locations is coming up fast.
    The two Marriott hotels are just down the harbor
    from the convention center and offer the best views
    of the Harbor. These are the IDEAL hotels for first-time Baltimore
    visitors and are a short 10-minute walk to the convention center.
    They also border Little Italy, and the water taxi
    practically pulls up to the front door.

    Follow the links below to reserve a space now!

    Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel
    Downtown Inner Harbor Courtyard by Marriott

    Be sure to reserve Friday and Saturday night to take advantage
    of the city! Reserve your space now, as we're competing with
    the nearby Baltimore Ravens game on Sunday.

    The deadlines for advertising in this years program are coming up quick.
    These programs will be provided to the first 7,000 attendees
    and George Perez has provided an AMAZING original cover.
    Contact Steve Conley at for rates and to reserve your space now.

    The show hours will be 10am-6pm, Saturday and 10am-5pm, Sunday.
    Be sure to remember the time change
    on Sunday will give everyone an extra hour of sleep!

    For more information, visit:
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    what's all going on down there? I'm 90 mins away so if there is something interesting to my liking maybe?
    "hopped up on Jar Jar Binks"


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