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Thread: Wave 4 !!!!!!!!

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    Wave 4 !!!!!!!!

    Available for pre-order.......

    If this is old news then please forgive me.

    As ever, cheers.


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    Cool, I hope they also make the Cargo Gunship with a mini AT-TE.

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    Thats great hasbro decides to finally release the Gunship, and Slave-1. Now howabout the Jedi Starfighter and oh, yeah MINI-FIGURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The "troop transport" would be the Acclamator class Republic cruiser.

    "Acclamator-class trans-galactic military transport ship"
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    this would certainly make a nice action fleet

    another photo of a model from aotc

    republic gunship

    come home to daddy!
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