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    thanks. you know how it is, anything to avoid actually getting any work done.
    with or without side burns? I'm a porkchop kinda guy myself so if they've got the pipes, done deal. got any other goodies you want to haul along with you?
    also, want me to grab a dlx geo for you on the unlikely chance that they're all gone in a month?
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    Oh, that's okay. Hold off, I'll hunt one down (Im hoping to feel the thrill of finding something for MYSELF for once!!!!).

    The Imp Officer is the 2nd one, light brown hair with no big chops.

    The Rebel is the black haired 3rd one with no chops. Unfortunately, it looks as though Elvis has left my collection.

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    In an effort to bring the topic up again....

    Went to Zellers, Walmart, TRU and Sears on the weekend.

    Found the following -

    In Zellers, Walmart and Sears - not one peg...not even an empty peg, for Star Wars stuff....

    TRU - TONS of crappy POTJ figs (like 100 Shmi's) and TONS of the older Saga figures (i.e. first release stuff) The newest fig hanging was the deluxe geonosian....(figure wise, newest one was Orn Ta)

    sad sad day....:-(

    Couldn't find any transformers are TRU - there was a sale on...still looking for a Commorative Series Starsceam...has anyone seen one?

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    I can keep my eyes open. In London they had tons of some of the series III commemorative figures, Jazz, the silver car and one of the Jets (but I think it's Thundercracker, not Starscream) and the Optimus Prime looking car carrier or whatever that other truck was. I have found nothing of interest SW wise in 3 WalMarts, 2 TRU's and various other places. I did find myself a cool Twilight Ringwraith in Barrie, as well as a tough to get Away Team Andorian for a Star Trek geek friend of mine. Now those are neat figures to be sure. Still hoping to hook up with a couple of you near TO next week, I'll be in touch!

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    ridiculous isn't it? I just love reading all the posts in the saga forum from people crying or going off on enormous hate hasbro rants because they haven't found anything new This Week. imagine how bad it would be if they all had to live here and were forced to put up with not finding anything new in well over 6 months.

    I sure didn't go out of my way, but I did hit a couple of places over the weekend too; with the thinking that toy departments usually stock up a bit for Easter. not so, at least this year.

    next time you're in a tru, go to the cs desk and get them to search for anything you can't find in their computer system, they can see what every store in the country has in stock. that's how I got my new x-wing. the drive wasn't bad so I went and got it myself, but if it was in another province I would have just insisted that they had it transferred to my local store. how my do you spend at tru in a year? don't feel bad about making them work for it a bit.
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    hey jjr! hope ya had a good trip. that's cool, my schedule is still pretty much totally open so whenever is good with me. out the odd evening to play hockey but usually home otherwise so give a ring when it's convenient.
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    Just found: 2 scruffy lookin' nerf herders in the GTA. Thanks for a fun day, fellas!!

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    right back at 'cha!

    good times.
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    I just picked up the Gollum wave of LOTR figures at TRU in Moncton NB. They had about 6 Gollums, but I only found 1 Theoden.
    Hating aurra sing since 1999.

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    Was at Zeller's yesterday....

    Still nothing....BUT....some peg's were cleared out and labeled "Star Wars Figure" (I think 6...which is WAY up from 0)...

    ....maybe a sign?????

    seth_quinn - quick question.....I finally got my Jorg do I release him from his plastic prison?? (everything else I own is loose).........

    still no Starscream....but I hear that Prowl is going to be re-released!!! (one of my fav's....him and Hound)


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