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    hey pegger, was in a few tru's the other day, saw prowl I think, (silver sports car?) for $40 can. quite a few of him and tons of thundercracker(?)

    I'm a loose collector too but I think every collection should have a few showcase pieces like Jorg and the silver figures that I will never open. after spending so much to get him, I don't think I'd be happy with him just loose and just mixed in with all the others.
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    seth_quinn- The only unopened stuff I have are the Cinema Scenes..and Boba 300....I'm still debating on Jorg...but so farI'll leave him alone.

    The silver car is "Silversteak" ACTUALLY it's Bluestreak, but they've re-named him for some stupid reason....Prowl is the Police Car....Must be before your time....

    Went to Zeller's (The one I saw with all the empty pegs..) Turned the corner and saw they were all full of Star Wars stuff!!

    I was so stoked!!!

    Until I got closer.....

    Anyone need some Endor Han's or Jar Jar Binks............

    SO....joined Kebco..........I'm sick of the non-attention that we get....

    Go SENS!!!! (and to a lesser extent go Canucks....)

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    hey seth hit me up in email at
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Hey pegger- I think they probably had to change the name due to licensing, someone else must have bought the rights to "bluestreak", I'd imagine... Hot Wheels has had that happen a few times, now they just keep the rights to a bunch of names (Hot Bird comes to mind) and use old copyrighted "cool" names on new cars...
    I wonder if Casey Kasem still does his voice ?
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Pegger, I have access to a couple of Starscreams here in Nanaimo (assuming of course you're looking for the Commemorative series II Starscream). 39.99 plus all taxes, they had 3 about 2 days ago. PM me or post here, I can hook you up.

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    jjreason...I should really read this forum more often!

    Where at??? TRU?? Are they still there?? - If you could hook a brother up.... I'll PM

    Seth-Quinn - Was at Cinema 1 in the Cambridge Mall (right on highway 24 - Off the 401) - They had about 15 Borg Assimilation figs...pretty impressive.... $18.95 each.
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    In accompaniement to my PM, Pegger, yes they're at Toys R Us. I still haven't seen Optimus anywhere, probably too late. I was so close to buying one of the jets (I like Thundercracker's colouring best), but Im not so jazzed about how he looks in bot mode. Kind of silly. Silverstreak and Jazz are about the coolest bots, I've seen (after all, who's gonna display one of these as the vehicle?????) but the price is too stiff for me. Im happy someone here is getting them though.

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    Well jjreason...

    Transformers originally came out in '84....I was 11 and these were the coolest toys ever! I had a bunch, but realized my dream of owning all the original release ones..... I do have a Starscream (well played with) and some of the others...but the idea of having a brand spanking new one (that I won't open, which is a major change for me...I tear everything open right away to play with them) is something I can't pass up. The fact that they were $12 when I was a kid and $40 now kinda ticks me off.....but hanging on to ones childhood can be an expensive hobby..... ((Plus I make more now than I did when I was 11))

    I'll be passing on Red Alert, Inferno, Hoist and Grapple (due out later this year) as they were past my time.... (But a re-release of the Dino-bots, Insecticons and Constructicons would be cool....)

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    Hey Peg Dawg, I PM'd you. Starscream is ready to head east whenever you want. Good deal to, see PM for details....

    Mini rant: I don't know how many damned stores in how many cities in 2 provinces and 1 state I've been to in the past month. Many many many Zellers, Wally's, TRU's, etc only to find Sweet F All in terms of new Star Wars figures. This has got to be the most extended, dry spell for Canadians ever (well, since 1995 anyway). Im thoroughly disgusted. It's time for some new damn toys to make it up here guys. Im seriously losing patience, and am moving on to other things. Pick it up, or risk losing my dollars, and many other peoples to US vendors. Sadly, you've already lost much of mine.

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    "but realized my dream of owning "

    Should read - by NEVER realized..... must've been tired that night!

    JJR - you are the MAN! Next time you're out this way, I owe you a beer.

    Your RANT - I've already given up. This really sticks, because I know I'm just making it more expensive and more difficult to get newer stuff....but there is just no good reason IMO that we are treated so shabbily.

    I realize that we are a smaller market, but ship 1/10 of the stuff than what is shipped in the US....It's all about poor distributorship. ("New" cases are put on shelves, but their full of Endor Hans, etc...)


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