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    he's so small it's almost funny, makes him look extra wacky which is PERFECT for my purposes
    good thing he's so awesome
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Finding the new figures all over the place now. The only rare ones seem to be Gree and the Kasshyyk klone.
    Hating aurra sing since 1999.

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    Last night I found wave 7.5 at TRU, minus the Red Naboo Pilot. It was a revised assortment I think, as it had some of wave 7 minus Tycho, R2 and Ewoks. All US cards, all with coins (what I was holding out for!) Also, I got a tip that TRU has a buy one get one free offer starting today, so if you need to do any house cleaning (as I do!) here's a good chance! I picked up the Fett Legacy set (I'm loving the Evolutions!).

    Walmart has the Boba Fett comic packs--low priority, though I like the paint scheme, no sign of the other two. No sign of any new vehicles yet either, but I can't wait to get details of that new Millenium Falcon--those pics are great!

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    TFU in Canada

    A buddy of mine found these pictures, very cool.

    Attachment 17189

    Attachment 17190

    Attachment 17191

    Attachment 17192

    I wouldn't mind that Vader. Hint hint

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    So the TFU figures have shown up on Canadian cards (though I've not seen them). The final wave of Legends Fans' Choice jobbies have been around a few spots as well, but I haven't heard of them being found at retail - yet. The 2nd batch of Order 66 packs are at US Target stores, so they're added as well. As far as I can tell we're nearing the very end of the 30th Ann line.

    Basic Figures

    1 Darth Vader with Coin Album
    2 Galactic Marine
    3 Lava Miner
    4 R2-D2
    5 Obi Wan Kenobi
    6 Mace Windu
    7 Airborne Clonetrooper
    8 Super Battle Droid
    9 MacQuarrie Stormtrooper
    10 Rebel Honor Guard
    11 Han Solo (with Falcon Pilot headset)
    12 Luke Skywalker (ANH Ceremony)
    13 Death Star Trooper
    14 Biggs Darklighter (X-Wing Pilot)
    15 McQuarrie Boba Fett
    16 Darth Vader (with Obi Wan's robe for base)
    17 Biggs Darklighter (Academy uniform)
    18 Luke Skywalker (with moisture evaporator)
    19 Jawa & LIN Droid
    20 Stormtrooper
    21 McQuarrie Chewbacca
    22 M'iiyoom Onith
    23 Elis Helrot
    24 Boba Fett (animated)
    25 Luke Skywalker (Jabba's Palace)
    26 CZ-3
    27 Umpass-Stay
    28 McQuarrie Darth Vader
    29 Hermie Odle
    30 C3PO with Salacious Crumb
    31 Roron Corrob
    32 Yoda & Kybuck
    33 Anakin Skywalker (Nelvaan)
    34 Darth Revan
    35 Darth Malak
    36 Pre-Cyborg General Grievous
    37 Concept Starkiller Hero
    38 Han Solo Torture Rack
    39 Lando Calrissian Smuggler
    40 General McQuarrie
    41 4-LOM
    42 Concept Snowtrooper
    43 Romba & Graak
    44 Tycho Celchu A-Wing Pilot
    45 Anakin Skywalker Jedi Spirit
    46 R2-D2 with Cargo Net
    47 Concept Han Solo
    48 Holo Darth Vader
    49 7th Legion Clonetrooper
    50 Hawkbat Battalion Clonetrooper
    51 R2-B1
    52 Naboo Soldier (red)
    53 Rebel Vanguard
    54 Pax Bonkik
    55 Fett Clone in red fatigues
    56 Padme Amidala Senator
    57 Jango Fett
    58 Voolvif Mon
    59 Destroyer Droid
    60 Concept Rebel Trooper

    ************************************************** ****************
    08 Kashyyyk Clone
    08 Obi Wan Kenobi
    08 Commander Gree
    08 Darth Vader
    08 Mustafar Panning Droid
    08 Po Nudo
    08 2-1B
    08 Tri-Droid
    08 TFU Lt. Juno Eclipse
    08 TFU Battle Damaged Vader
    08 TFU EVO Trooper
    08 TFU Maris Brood
    08 TFU Samurai Jedi
    08 TFU Jump Trooper
    08 TFU Shadow Royal Guard

    Saga Legends Collection (2006 Saga Collection Reissues)

    1 Darth Vader
    2 Darth Maul
    3 Yoda
    4 R2-D2
    5 General Grievous
    6 C3PO (with Battle Droid Head)
    7 Clonetrooper (ROTS)
    8 Shocktrooper
    9a Battle Droid 2 pack (TPM/OOM9 paint)

    9b BD 2 pack (AOTC maroon saber/blaster damage)
    9c BD 2 pack (tan saber/blaster damage)
    9d BD 2 pack (tan clean/dirty)
    10 Clonetrooper (AOTC)
    11 Boba Fett
    12 Obi Wan Kenobi
    13 Chewbacca with C3PO
    14 Anakin Skywalker
    15 Saesee Tiin
    16 Destroyer Droid
    17 501st Clonetrooper

    17a 501st Clonetrooper 2nd body
    18 Princess Leia - Boushh Disguise
    19 Fans' Choice: Darktrooper

    20a Fans' Choice: Imperial Officer brown hair
    20b Fans' Choice: Imperial Officer black hair
    20c Fans' Choice: Imperial Officer blonde hair
    21a Fans' Choice: Pit Droids 2 pack white

    21aii Fans' Choice Pit Droids 2 pack white 2nd pose
    21b Fans' Choice: Pit Droids 2 pack red
    21bii Fans' Choice: Pit Droids 2 pack red 2nd pose
    21c Fans' Choice: Pit Droids 2 pack orange
    21cii Fans' Choice: Pit Droids 2 pack orange 2nd pose
    22a Fans' Choice: Sandtrooper Saga Dirty, grey pauldron
    22b Fans' Choice: Sandtrooper Saga, Clean, black pauldron
    22c Fans' Choice: Sandtrooper Saga, Dirty, orange pauldron
    22d Fans' Choice: Sandtrooper Saga, Clean, white pauldron

    22e Fans' Choice: Sandtrooper Evolutions, Dirty, orange pauldron
    23 Fans' Choice: Clone Commander (Coruscant)
    24a Fans' Choice: Clonetrooper Officer - Red
    24b Fans' Choice: Clonetrooper Officer - Yellow
    24c Fans' Choice: Clonetrooper Officer - Blue
    24d Fans' Choice: Clonetrooper Officer - Green
    25 Fans' Choice: Biker Scout (VOTC)
    26 Fans' Choice: TC14
    27 Fans' Choice: RA7
    28 Fans' Choice: R4-I9

    ************************************************** ************************
    29 Fans' Choice Zev Senesca
    30 Fans' Choice Shadow Stormtrooper
    31 Fans' Choice Commander Neyo
    32 Fans' Choice Covert Ops Clone
    33 Fans' Choice Utapau Shadow Trooper

    TAC Ultimate Galactic Hunt (Gold Coin Variant) Basic Figures

    Animated Boba Fett
    Airborne Clone Trooper
    Concept Chewbacca
    Concept Fett
    Mace Windu
    Darth Vader
    Concept Stormtrooper
    Biggs Darklighter
    Galactic Marine
    Ceremonial Luke
    Han Solo

    ************************************************** ***************************

    Vintage TAC Collection

    Han Solo - Hoth
    Luke Skywalker - Bespin Fatigues
    Princess Leia - Endor Poncho

    Comic 2 Packs

    2 Darth Vader and Rebel Officer
    3 Stormtrooper Han & Chewbacca
    3a Stormtrooper Han & Chewbacca NO BLUE TINTS
    4 Tarkin & Stormtrooper
    4a Tarkin & Stormtrooper NO BLUE TINTS
    5 Villi & Quinlan Vos
    6 Obi Wan & Clone Commander
    7 Luke Skywalker & R2D2
    7a Luke Skywalker & R2D2 NO BLUE TINTS
    8 Mara Jade & Luke Skywalker
    9 A'Sharad Hett & Dark Woman
    10 Princess Leia & Darth Vader
    11 Anakin Skywalker & Assassin Droid
    12 Baron Fel & Hobbie Klivian
    13 Koffi Arana & Bultar Swan
    WM Commander Keller & Galactic Marine
    WM Boba Fett & Sandcrawler Droid
    WM Bail Organa & Obi W Kenobi

    ************************************************** *****
    14 Lt. Jundland & Deena Shan
    15 Mouse & Basso in Disguise
    16 Clone Commando & Super Battle Droid


    Darth Vader's Jedi Starfighter
    Hailfire Droid
    Vintage White TIE Fighter
    Mace Windu's Starfighter
    Saesee Tiin's Starfighter
    V Wing Fighter
    Sith Infiltrator
    Obi Wan Kenobi's Starfighter
    Y-Wing Fighter with Pilot & R5 Unit (TRU Exclusive)
    Elite 181st TIE Fighter with Pilot (TRU Exclusive)
    Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter with Hyperspace Ring (TRU Exclusive)

    Battle Packs

    Tantive IV

    Bantha with Tusken Raiders RED version (TRU Exclusive)
    Bantha with Tusken Raiders TAN version (TRU Exclusive)
    Bantha with Tusken Raiders mixed RED & TAN version (TRU Exclusive)
    Jedi vs. Sith
    Jedi vs. Darth Sidious
    Clone Attack on Coruscant
    The Hunt For Grievous

    STAP Attack
    Capture at the Droid Factory
    Hoth Patrol
    Betrayal At Bespin
    Geonosis Ultimate Battle Pack (TRU Exclusive)
    ************************************************** *************************

    Commemorative Tin Sets

    EpIV - Cantina Band

    Kmart Tin #1 (all repacks)
    Kmart Tin #2 (all repacks)
    Kmart Tin #3 (all repacks)

    2008 Evolutions Sets

    Legacy of the Sith
    Legacy of the Jedi
    Legacy of the Fetts
    Legacy of the Sith Apprentice (Force Unleashed)

    Celebration IV and 2007 Convention Exclusive Figures

    McQuarrie Concept Luke Skywalker
    McQuarrie Concept C3PO & R2D2 2 pack
    McQuarrie Concept Obi Wan & Yoda 2 pack
    Concept General Grievous
    R2KT (pink R2 unit)
    Shadow Biker Scout with Speeder Bike
    ************************************************** ***************************

    Entertainment Earth Exclusive Multi Packs (online only)

    Kir Kanos & Carnor Jax (comic pack #1)
    Battlefront Battlepack #1
    Battlefront Battlepack #2
    Republic Ultimate Forces (Mandalorians) Set #1
    Republic Ultimate Forces (Mandalorians) Set #2

    Target Exclusives (US Only)

    ARC 170 Crew Battlepack
    ATRT & Kashyyyk Clonetroopers Battlepack
    Hoth Ultimate Battle Pack
    Endor Ultimate Battle Pack
    Ilum Battlepack
    Felucia Battlepack
    ARC 170 (Repaint)
    TIE Bomber (Repaint)
    2007 Order 66: Palpatine with Shocktrooper Commander
    2007 Order 66: Mace Windu with (purple) Galactic Marine
    2007 Order 66: Darth Vader with Commander Bow (blue Clone Commander)
    2007 Order 66: Obi Wan Kenobi with (orange) AT-RT Driver
    2007 Order 66: ROTS Anakin with Blue Airborne Trooper
    2007 Order 66: Yoda with Camo Kashyyyk Trooper
    ************************************************** ******************
    2008 Order 66: Obi Wan & ARC Commander
    2008 Order 66: Anakin & ARC Trooper
    2008 Order 66: Tsui Choi & BARC Trooper
    2008 Order 66: Palpatine & Commander Vill
    2008 Order 66: Luminara Unduli & AT-RT Driver
    2008 Order 66: Master Sev & ARC Trooper

    Wal Mart Exclusives (US Only)

    Treachery on Saleucami Battlepack
    Jabba's Band Multipack #1
    Jabba's Band Multipack #2[/QUOTE]

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    Remind me to include the Shadow Trooper 2-pack in my next update of the TAC stuff, I've forgotten it now at least 3 times.

    I guess I'll start the 2008 list so that it's close to ready by the time we start seeing the stuff - as always, please let me know if I'm missing any items so that this can be as complete a list as possible.

    2008 CLONE WARS

    Basic Figures - Animated Styling

    Obi Wan Kenobi in Clone Armor
    Anakin Skywalker
    Battle Droid
    General Grievous
    Clonetrooper with blue details & removable helmet (Rex?)

    Basic Figures - "Realistic Styling"

    Clonetrooper Underwater
    Clonetrooper Heavy Gunner
    Obi Wan Kenobi in Clone Armor
    Saesee Tiin with Removable Helmet
    Quarren Warrior Underwater
    Mon Calamari Warrior Underwater
    Padme Amidala Ilum
    IG Assassin Droid black


    Homing Spider Droid
    Crescent Fighter (real name?)


    Basic Figures

    Luke Skywalker ROJ
    Han Solo ROJ
    Chewbacca ROJ
    Darth Vader unmasked ROJ
    Bane Malar
    Yarna D'al Gargan
    Ewok with Wokling
    Ak Rev


    Millenium Falcon with Han Solo and Chewbacca
    A-Wing Fighter with Pilot



    Padme Amidala
    Rebel Pilots


    Captain Rex mail away figure

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    Got Grievous' Starfighter at my local comic store and Zellers McCallister had the order 66 sets (I got the one with the midget alien jedi, only one I wanted)
    Hating aurra sing since 1999.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosskman View Post
    Got Grievous' Starfighter at my local comic store and Zellers McCallister had the order 66 sets (I got the one with the midget alien jedi, only one I wanted)

    Yes sir, I picked up the same set as soon as I got back from the Grand Caymans yesterday along with the Palpy one.

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    Hey guys - I'm back from overseas.

    Gotta say, the Order 66's were a surprise. I'm shocked they cam up here - although quite pricey.
    To those that like to critize me, I say: It is a lot easier to say something critical than it is to say some thing while tied up and in my trunk. - Jack Handy

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjreason View Post


    Crescent Fighter (real name?)
    V-19 Torrent (I beleive...)
    To those that like to critize me, I say: It is a lot easier to say something critical than it is to say some thing while tied up and in my trunk. - Jack Handy


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