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    Endor Han, yes I could have spent 100.00 easy on that one figure, marked down to 3.82 at Wally's all over - and not moving. Not a good sign about that figure or the line in general. Im going to check the Yestertoys clearance and report back. See you in 2....

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    Nothing new SW wise, but I found a slew of Movie Daredevils from the Marvel Legends line at my TRU here in beautiful Nanaimo. I also walked away from my WalMart with the LOTR deluxe 9 pack featuring each member of the Fellowship in all their plastic glory. Very nice.

    In talking with a TRU employee (read: knowitall goofball), I've been led to believe that my store won't get 2003 Star Wars in at all. "We don't carry it unless there's a movie out." was his take. I calmly discussed with him the merits of ordering LESS of the opening waves of the line next time, so that they could move more units for years after the next movie, but he seemed pretty dim about the whole thing "Yeah, well we sell so much of it when the movie's out, then get on with the next big thing. Like the matrix...." blah blah blah. Not getting it at all - and not selling so much of anything. They had literally tons of figures in stock, all for 8.99. If you're going to devote that much aisle space to a line, shouldn't you make sure you're stocking at least a few figures that are going to move? God bless.... a few new figures strewn into the mix here and there would really help move the old pcs. If I could buy a new Imperial officer sculpt there, I'd be much more likely to pick up an extra battle droid/geonosian/tusken mom to help them clear the way. I don't know if Im the only person like this or not, but I suspect not.

    Sorry to go on and on, but I find it depressing that no 2003 stuff is on the way. Come on Walmart, you're our only hope.

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    Did anyone see those pics on Galactic hunter of Hoth a Canadian package......................

    could it be?????????

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    Don't count your chickens before you fry the sausages.

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    Ontario, CANADA where there are no TARGET stores

    Hey, tri this logo

    Don't get your hopes up. Apparently, it's 'trilogo' packaging, not Canadian. It is the packaging we would get if we were getting any new figures. You may find these at places like Bountyhunter Toys, the Outerreaches and Legends Action Figures.
    I don't even bother looking in 'regular' stores for SW stuff anymore. Too depressing.
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    I don't know if I'm the only one...but if any one else cares...

    I got a "Prowl" at TRU yesterday..(Atleast Hasbro is shipping SOMETHING.....rather see some SW stuff though)...

    Has anyone seen Red Alert or Skywarp in their areas?

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    Hey Pegger, just PM'd you about these, they're all out here in Nanaimo.

    I "just found" a delivery slip in my mail box, and picked up my latest SW stuff from Kebco - everything came in great shape. Here's the breakdown:

    Obi Wan Acklay battle
    Mace Windu (total control) Geo. Confrontation
    Count Dooku Geo. Battle
    Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon
    R2D2 Droid Factory Flight
    Anakin Skywalker Secret Ceremony

    The figure I'm most impressed with of these so far is Ani, finally an acceptable face, and the robe (though soft plastic) looks great. Very nice. The Boba Fett stands out as well, though that knee is a little weird (bends below the joint?) and the rehashed (from pilot jango) action feature isn't needed. The others are good too, Im just so happy to have new stuff!

    Also got the first 4 deluxe figures (SBD builder, 2 Spider Droids, and Jango and Obi Wan Kamino battle figures). As per usual, deluxe leaves me a little "meh", because of the cost. Glad we have Kebco as an option though, or I'd have none of this stuff most likely.

    *NOTICE TO CANADIANS* I have an extra Rebel Tantive IV defender (black hair), and an extra 2003 Tusken Raider on Saga Cards, in great shape. If you need this figures, PM me and we'll work out a fair price.

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    jj - The Prowl really brings memories flooding back....Now I'm (patiently) waiting for Hound to be re-released...and hoping that Soundwave comes out soon (Takara is releasing it)...

    anyways...back to SW. - How are the deluxe figures? As a reforming completionist (thanks to no distribution and sucky figures, and stupid re-releases) are there any must haves, or are they all pretty "meh"....(i.e. I'm holding off now until they are $7 bucks or so on-line (I figure 12 months)

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    Ha! We had Hound. My brother got that one, I got the original Optimus, it was pretty great. Too bad I missed the bus on that one. The deluxe figures have their problems, as per usual they're never worth the price of 2 basics. How hard can it be to make sure Jango's helmet fits well enough so that skin doesn't show? Stupid crap like that. I like the Spider Droids, and the Obi Wan figure is quite good, but the SBD builder was a bad idea, and I'll never use it to avoid having to clean the play doh off. The only redeeming thing is that you get a crusher for your factory assembly line diorama.

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    "Obi Wan - Acklay battle, Mace Windu - Geo. Confrontation,
    Count Dooku - Geo. Battle & Anakin Skywalker - Secret Ceremony"

    you just got these from your kebco pre-order? where they holding them back, waiting to add the dlx sets to make the shipping more worth while? if not, hope they were all on pristine cards. I ordered these four from their non-mint card section and recieved them well over a month ago. and none of them were really in any worse condition than most of what you find hanging on pegs at retail.
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