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    Amazing, I hope your experience as a new father is every bit as wonderful as mine has been. No greater happiness exists, man. Now get some sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pegger
    Speaking abut using this for everything else....

    Yesterday a little pegger came!!!

    8 lbs 7 ounces
    19 inches
    name : Justin Noah

    from an exceptionally proud father....pegger
    Congrats, and enjoy the new journey you are about to embark on, it's quite the exciting time, trust me.


    congrats bro

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    Indeed, congrats man, nice time to have a birthday, not like poor suckers who's b-day is like december 15th and you get burned every year!!
    a pair of horns for you and yours, and thanks to your son you will never have to explain new toys ever again...
    Congratulations from me and JediElf, take it light!!!
    \m/ \m/
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Thanks everyone!!

    What an amazing feeling! I have to admit that going to TRU has gotten even more exciting now!!

    Mabudon...I don't know if you know me, or if that was the force or what, but MY B-day is Dec. 15.........gave me the chills.....

    jjreason - thanks for the advice...I haven't been this tired since first year university! (but every waking moment is worth it)

    Does anyone know if the Playskool Star Wars sells in Canada?

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    Im pretty sure that I haven't seen it up here, Pegger (and I have a 4yr old, we're in the Playskool area "from time to time" ).

    Ebay should be a good resource, the line is likely dead (sorry fans), and the sets might be blowing out. I'd check too under TRU, they may have something for a reasonable price.

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    Sorry Pegger, that was the Force, honest...
    Now yer freakin ME out!!!
    Really, a buddy ofmine's b-day is the 25th, but I thought that a little too extreme an example....
    Did you ever get fully 2x what you woulda gotten, though?!?!?
    I don't recall seeing playskool stuff here either, I wouldn't even know what to look for
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    even when your birthday is on dec-one you get ripped, trust me.

    the gf has a pair of nephews that we shop for and I haven't seen them at retail either, but I have this feeling like I have seen them somewhere. must have been o-reaches or the snail. I'll be keeping my eyes open.
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    grabbed a bounty set at Oakville tru today, had at least a 1/2 dozen+ left by late afternoon.
    (sitting next to 2 boxes of ser5 mcfar-hockey for those that care)
    apparently Hamilton is well stocked too.
    called Brampton - not yet.
    happy hunting.
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    Ontario, CANADA where there are no TARGET stores


    Got the Ultimate Bounty set at Hamilton TRU yesterday. There were still half-a-dozen when I left. Not a bad set if you need any of the figs. I'm digging the speeder bike and the figure stands.
    Don't drink the blue milk! Why? It's spoiled!

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    Are there any departures between any of the bounty hunters included in this set and their original carded versions? I was of the impression that this set contained only rereleases (besides the bike). True or False?


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