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    Quote Originally Posted by seth_quinn
    pegger, overlord, anybody else, - there's a toy show by the airport coming up in Oct (19?). some of us local snowtroopers are discussing meeting up. interested at all?
    Would love to....but my sis is coming into town that weekend to meet her nephew......have to take a raincheck....

    on collecting my Value Packs today.

    They ROCK!

    Will post more..once I open and play with them....

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    Cool, Pegger. Im a little miffed about these packs. I preordered the basics from Kebco as part of the club, and here I'll be needing the damned clones from the 2 packs. The singles I'll have to move on ebay or in trades to raise money for the value packs. Oh well, at least they APPEAR to be showing up in decent numbers down south.

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    actually, I have updated news regarding that. seems there's a second show on Sun. Nov.2 that is much better, so the we're now making our meet up plans around that date instead. if you or anybody is available and interest, pm me or just reply here.
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    jjr - put up your singles in the snowtrooper marketplace, they'll be gone pronto.
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    As promised......

    I opened them last night.....and got a funny look from my wife....

    These are great! The blue and yellow really were applied nicely...and u can always used a white clone...

    BUT I was really imprseed with the other figs!I wasn't planning on getting any non-movie figs...but these really impressed me! Finally a decent Anakin! His expression is PERFECT...The sculpt has just enough articulation to put him into a semi-neutral pose...or action pose,....he stands by himself....I think I may get the rest of the line too now.....

    SQ - I'm in India and Phillipines in Nov.. (leaving Nov 2nd) ... oh well....maybe next time....

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    That's what I'll do SQ. Good call.

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    Will wonders never cease, I found a Mynock Hunt Chewie at TRU this morning, during a futile trip to find Transformer Prowl for Kool Aid Killer. I noticed that the packaging was exactly the same as the 2002 stuff, but with the orange window - it wasn't the gold striped looking one I expected. Makes me wonder if I wasn't paying enough attention before, when this wave was showing up.... but Im sure I would have noticed new stuff. Still got lots of Hoth sets, very odd that it's sitting around when the Bounty set sold out right quick.

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    mh-chewie is o3-15, the gold stripe cards don't start until trd-luke o3-17. buying so much stuff that you don't even realize what you have is such a great part of this hobby. I've done that 3 times, with the same figure. maybe they ordered more since the bounty went so fast last time? your bro heads up here almost every other weekend? wow, that's a lot of time on the road.
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    I dare call this a MAJOR FIND......

    As of 1 hour ago......TRU in Kitchener had 1 Jango Fett (the re-released one) in the NEW Packaging....

    English card, with a black French sticker stuck on the bubble.....

    No other figs from that wave to be found tho......(although all were listed on the back of the card)

    Of course I left it....could care less about this fig....

    jj - My TRU has LOADS of Jazz's (like 20 I think)

    Happy hunting guys....

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    Yep, Id go with HUGE for sure, Pegs. Means (to me anyway) that the Mynoc Khunt ( ) Chewie wave sold well enough for there to be continued interest. With any luck we'll see some Clone Wars stuff up here around Christmas so I can army build a little.


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