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    Another HOF batch hit the shelves at local WM. Picked up the last Stormtrooper ($8.92+tx).

    Nothing more. Can't believe how absent the Clone Wars line is over here in Québec City !!!
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    Good news on the restock, Dialogus, and congrats on finding the Stormtrooper. I haven't seen any HOF figures out here yet. I think there's some hope for the 2nd wave of CW figures hitting Canada. Someone posted in the CW section an interesting point: the second series of cartoons hasn't aired yet. They speculated that we'd see more of the toys - especially the elusive 2nd wave (featuring Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin and the fantastic Super Poseable Clone Trooper) - at retail. With any luck they'll include Canada again, like they did last time. I was able to find all of the basic figures out here at Zellers, and at Toys R Us about a month later.

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    I will have "transportation" again as of today (which is awesome in ol' sprawl catharines), so I'll be able to accurately report the stuff we're not getting again;
    from the number of repacks in the 04 line it sounds like we may actually catch up some day, at least in time to get swamped with the "first 27" come next may

    BTW- what do you guys think the chances are of seeing the same thing happen one more time here?? You'd hope 0% but, you know, several times bitten
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    I think it's pretty much guaranteed, Mab. They'll order so much of the first run of toys from EpIII that we'll still be seeing them 3 years after the fact. We're 2 years from EpII already, and my TRU and Zellers are still sitting on lots of figures from the initial shipments. What a waste of shelf space.

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    Apparently Gen. Dodonna was found in an Ontario WalMart today. No other new figures mentioned, take this isolated report for what it's worth. With any luck there'll be confirmation of this sighting soon - as well as reports of more new figures.

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    Re: Canadian Found and Not Found Master List

    Hey all,

    Haven't seen anything new for SW out here in a while...

    Saw Dirge and Rodimus Prime at TRU tho....

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    Re: Canadian Found and Not Found Master List

    Pegger! Welcome back! Sorry about your drought - be sure to check Zellers if you're still looking for any of the Hoth/Ach Med wave, they've shown up at the big Z out here! I'm on my home for the month of May, PM me if you think you'd be available for a get together closer to the first of the month.

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    Re: Canadian Found and Not Found Master List

    hey jj...

    I was overseas for a while......

    Hockey pool...saw I came in 7th! Geez...what a fall from a 1st place start for the 1st month.... oh well, always next year!

    I got a whole bunch comin in from Kebco soon....I'll need to regroup and re-organize to figure out what I need now...

    How are you approaching the OTC Vintage figs? I'm thinking of ording from Kebco 1 set...and take my chances at the stores for a 2nd set......

    Anyways, always great to be back....

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    Re: Canadian Found and Not Found Master List

    Hey again. Don't hesitate to let me know if you'll be up for a "meeting of the minds" in early May, Pegger. I'd still love to deliver that A-Wing to you to avoid the hassle of having to figure something else out.

    No other reported finds of Yavin wave figures, I'm about ready to write that one off as fictitious. That's just plain cruel to tease us like that.

    I'm still not sure if I'm going to order 1 set or 2 of the vintage look figures. I'll be opening one set for sure... and I'll likely leave it at that, and keep the opened cards on display. As far as army building goes, that Stormtrooper might have to make do with Commtechs for underlings.

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    Re: Canadian Found and Not Found Master List

    Toys R Us Canada has apparently updated their computers, showing the upcoming Original Trilogy Collection stuff as on the way. The prices in the computer are as follows:

    "OT Vintage Vehicle - 39.99" (not sure exactly what we're talking about, TIE or X-Wing would be my guess).

    "Vintage Figure - 14.99" (got to be vintage nouveau 3.75"). Good news, this might encourage me to buy a few extras to keep carded.

    "Vintage 12" Figure - 39.99" (ouch, happy I don't collect these).

    "Millenium Falcon w Figure - 79.99" (news to me, I didn't know they were planning a figure to come with the Falcon).

    Hasbro Canada has announced that the X-Wing fighter with Red Leader has been shipped to Canadian Toys R Us stores. Keep your eyes peeled, and report any finds here, along with the price please.

    Also, the Hall of Fame run has been found at selected London Drugs stores, if you have one in your area (like I do) go have a look.


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