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    Canadian Found and Not Found Master List

    Hi. Im taking it upon myself to try and condense all of the threads and topics re. what we have and haven't gotten at Canadian retail. My plan is this: Ill make a list of all Saga stuff, starting with 3.75 basic figures, deluxe figures, vehicles, beasts and playsets that I know about. Beside each item Ill document whether or not it's been found up north (to the best of my knowledge) and where. If people can add finds to this thread, Ill keep editing this first post to show what we have and don't.

    Im doing this for simplicity's sake - so that we don't have to keep checking 2 or 3 threads on Cantina sets to see if we've gotten them or not.

    Here goes:

    Basic Figures Found
    1 - 40 Found, mostly between Zellers and WalMart (that's every basic figure up to and including Djas Puhr).

    Not Found Yet

    11b Battle Droid - Arena Battle (Red Variant)
    33b Endor Soldier (no goatee variant)
    FOUND! 39 Supreme Chancellor Palpatine THANKS BRANDON!
    41 Padme Amidala - Coruscant Attack
    42 Darth Maul - Sith Training
    43 Anakin Skywalker - Tatooine Attack
    44 Ki Adi Mundi - Jedi Master
    45 Ephant Mon
    46 Teemto Pagalies
    47 Jango Fett - Slave I Pilot
    48 Destroyer Droid - Arena Battle
    49 Clonetrooper - Gunship Pilot
    50 Watto - Mos Espa Junk Dealer
    51 Lott Dod - Nemoidian Senator
    52 Tusken Raider w Massiff
    (Note: Cards not numbered in Canada. These are the figure's we're looking for beside their corresponding US Card #'s.)

    Deluxe Figures Found

    Mace Windu (both red and white battle droids have been found)
    Jango Fett
    Obi Wan
    Anakin (slashing)

    Deluxe Figures Not Found

    Flying Geonosian
    Destroyer Droid
    Clone Trooper on Speeder
    Anakin (flipping)

    Creatures Found


    Ships Found

    Jedi Starfighter
    Jango's Slave I
    Anakin's Speeder
    Zam Wessel Speeder
    Toys R Us Landspeeder

    Ships Not Found

    Toys R Us X-Wing
    Republic Gunship

    Playsets Not Found

    Geonosian Arena

    Accessory Sets Found (of note: US Cards at Zellers only)

    Death Star Trooper
    Hoth Rebel Trooper
    Arena Battle Droid
    Biker Scout

    Cantina Sets Found (of note: WalMart exclusive)
    Momaw Nadon
    Ponda Baba

    Other Figures Not Found
    25th Anniversary Silver R2D2 (of note: Toys R Us exclusive)
    Christmas Droids 2 Pack (Santa C3PO w Rudolph R2D2)

    PLEASE reply with only things you find at CANADIAN RETAIL IN CANADIAN PACKAGES. Many of these things I have purchased online already. I want to know what we're getting and not getting at our regular retail stores. Im hoping that using this we can help each other out fill in the gaps of what we need - as some things always wind up more plentiful in some areas. Prices, numbers and WHERE THE ITEM WAS FOUND(!!!!) would be super inclusions in your posts.

    I hope this is of some interest to you guys as well, and I hope you'll all correct me if Im wrong about the list.

    First change made. Thanks Count Dooku. If you get the chance, let us know where it was found and how much it cost.

    Second change: added flipping Ani deluxe figure to Not Found.

    Third change: marked Palpy and Djas found.

    Fourth change: added Christmas droids 2pk and 25th TRU R2 to Not Found.
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