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i picked that one up too - I really liked the job they did on both.
Yeah, these two are surely the cream of the crop for the comic packs this year. I was going to get the white Vader & the Hoth Leia packs, but when I seen how much they (mostly Leia) lacked in articulation; I decided to save a few bucks. That's basically the problem with most of the comic packs, you get one good figure & a re-hash or you get two re-hashes. I may pick up Asajj Ventress (don't have one of her yet) & Tol Skorr, Cade Skywalker & Darth Talon, or Antares Draco & Ganner Kieg; as these seem to be the best for your buck. The rest are sub-par IMHO.

On another note: I did see the Lars pack today, I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'm going to purchase an Igloo shaped house or not.