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    Well said 187-Maul!
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    I think that this line of MM was a little disappointing because of the character choices. I like the T2 figures but could pass on the rest. Here's what I would like to see in the future:

    An assortment totally devoted to Dawn of the Dead, with Peter, Francine, both Roger and Stephen as zombies, a "basic" zombie and Savini as the biker leader.

    Hannibal Lector (Anthony Hopkins in SOTL blue prisoner attire)
    MacReady (Kurt Russell) from THE THING
    Alex (Malcolm McDowell) from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE
    Harry Callahan from the DIRTY HARRY series
    Robocop (A MUST!!!)
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    Yeah theres still plenty of characters for McFarlane to make. Too bad Hopkins won't sign off his likeness as Hannibal.
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    Is that why there is no Hannibal figure yet? Well, maybe they can make a figure with his face mask on to obscure the likeness enough, similar to what they did with the Ahnuld T800.

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    the Lord of Darkness and Endoskeleton ROCK! These are some of the best ones yet!

    Anyone know when that movie Toothfairy is coming out?
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    I thought it was already out. But I don't know too much about it anyways so I can't really say.
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    There are already like 300 Spawn lines. I hope they make even more sports figures. I assume you don't like them, because you aren't a fan. Which is understandable. But I see just as many Spawn and Star Wars figures clogging pegs as sports figures.

    Some other movie characters I would like to see made.

    Steven Seagall in Under Seige
    Van Damme in Bloodsport
    Rocky, Clubber, Drago, Apollo
    Jackie Chan in Drunken Master II
    Toxic Avenger
    The Running Man characters

    And many many others......

    Also, I would love to see a sport LEGENDS line....

    Larry Bird
    Charles Barkley
    Michael Jordan
    Magic Johnson
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Karl Malone
    John Stockton
    Patrick Ewing
    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Dominique Wilkins
    Isiah Thomas
    Clyde Drexler
    Julius Erving

    Joe Montana
    Dan Marino
    John Elway
    Jerry Rice
    Steve Largent
    Warren Moon
    Walter Payton
    Emmitt Smith
    Troy Aikman
    Jim Kelly
    Thurman Thomas
    Lawrence Taylor
    Deion Sanders
    Chris Carter
    Andre Reed
    Michael Irvin
    Roger Craig
    Barry Sanders
    Bo Jackson
    Marcus Allen
    Eric Dickerson
    Anthony Munoz
    Reggie White
    Howie Long
    Randall Cunningham
    Phil Simms

    Doc Gooden
    Darryl Strawberry
    Dale Murphy
    Don Mattingly
    Wade Boggs
    Kirby Puckett
    Joe Carter
    Dave Winfield
    Nolan Ryan
    Jose Canseco
    Mark McGwire
    Ozzie Smith
    Cal Ripken Jr.
    Ryne Sandberg
    Ricky Henderson
    Carlton Fisk

    Plenty more. I would buy ALL of them.
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    I think Toothfairy will be released late 2002/early 2003, but don't take my word on it

    oh and Quite-Long Dong, the alien vs predator pack is soon going to be released, so that's 2 figs off your want list
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    Yeah, can't wait for the Alien vs. Predator set. Well, you can't really call it Alien vs. Predator because they couldn't get the rights for the title of the future film. As for Robocop, I heard that that is a strong possibility for inclusion in Movie Maniacs VI. They should do a 2-pack of Robocop vs. ED-209 or Robocop vs. Robo Cain (from Robocop 2). "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

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    Originally posted by Prince Xizor
    I have seen all of them at a Newbury Comics store nearby, all except Jason X. Which, believe or not, is the one I want the most. Can anybody tell me how the figure looks?
    you can see how ALL of the look on the official site.

    the only ones i really want are the lord of darkness from legend (the BEST devil caught on film - EVER) and the t-800 endo. does the sarah connor look any better than the pics on because i'm not too happy with it. there's three versions, too? what the hell is going on?

    hannibal lector and robocop would be awesome additions to the MM lineup... i also want fight club figures - tyler and "jack" both with interchanable regular and bloodied and battered heads, and maybe a "jack beats the crap out of himself in his boss' office" playset... i think this really would be a great MM addition...
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