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    The new interactive R2 is super cool, however...

    I love the new interactive R2. Anyone who saw the piece CNN did on it probably has an appreciation for how technologically advanced this "toy" is. I suppose that a part of me wishes that is was capable of doing more, but that's just me wishing I owned an actual R2-D2. The one complaint that I do have is that the "answer this" function on mine seems to foul it up. R2 becomes very deaf, cocks his head to one side and stops responding (although he does try to track with his infared sensors). A tap to the head is the only thing that gets his attention. I thought that was odd, as everything else seems to be O.K. except for that one command. No big deal, but I was wondering if anyone else was having that problem?

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    Mine will do the same thing except after a couple of "Do you remember" questions. He only obeys half of what I say anyway.
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    Interestingly, I got my hands on another R2 and new out of the box, under what are supposed to be ideal conditions, it did the same thing as the first one. The funny thing is, if one of them was in answer this mode, and the other was "talking" the first one would hear and respond yes or no to the other one. Hmmm... maybe these are actually government listening devices, not unlike the metal strips in $20 bills

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    I've had the same problem with the two that I've got my hands on. I've tried to get clarification from Hasbro customer support; but the best they could do was to say that "he doesn't always want to respond, and you have to keep trying". After trying dozens of times with two different units, I have to conclude that they're shipping defective units. I think the R2 unit is really, really, cool, and I don't intend to give mine up any time soon; but the "Answer This" game just doesn't work at all As soon as the "Answer This" command is given, he goes into a sort of spastic zombie mode. While in that mode, the mood light stays on constant (it blinks when he's listening for verbal commands,) he doesn't make any sounds, doesn't respond to verbal questions, and he moves his dome in slow, jerky movements with a buzzing sound coming from the dome motor. If you wave your hand in front of him, he'll stop the buzzing and follow the motion reasonably smoothly; but as soon as the motion stops, he goes back to the buzzing, slow, jerky, movement again.
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    mine does the EXACT same thing
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    Metal strips in $20 bills??? I quess I'll find out what mine will do after I open him at Christmas time.
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    Originally posted by Jedi Master Silas
    Metal strips in $20 bills??? I quess I'll find out what mine will do after I open him at Christmas time.
    Me too.
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    I'm sorry guys, but he seems to be a big pain in the @ss! I don't think I'll get is guy, unless my wife gets him for me for X-Mas. With all that I hear I hope she doesn't.
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    Oh, damn... I really want one of these. I don't think that ANYONE will be getting me one of these. Oh, well.
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    I don't have one...but a close friend does...he's works just fine..freaks out and everything when you say "Darth Vader" is the coolest thing in the world...I remember when I bought my girlfriend over there...she went down the hall..R2 came out..she was following with this "You Have got to be freaking kidding me" look on her face...The Hide and Go seek game is a blast...esp. in a pitch black room...


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