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    Request help with video conversion


    I have recently begun training for my new job as streetdance choreographer and teacher for a Stage School and would be everso grateful if you guys could help me out with something.

    I am after some way to convert US videos to UK format as there are some pretty inspiring US Hip Hop videos that we can't get in the UK.

    Many thanks for your help.


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    Heck, VCR's are so cheap here you could just buy one and have it shipped over the pond. It would probably be cheaper than having a couple tapes converted.
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    So you want to do this: NTSC to PAL?

    The only thing off the top of my head I could say to do is, play the videos through a compatable vcr having the video run into a video in/out card on a computer, then taking that video and using a freeware editing program, I think TMPGEnc would work, convert it to PAL form then send it back out to a blank tape.

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    I think I may end up having to buy the services of a professional . I would love to buy an NTSC video and have it shipped here, but the wonder of HM Customs and Excise, also known as the UK Trade Federation would impound it and not release it till the tax levy was paid.

    Any other suggestions?

    Many thanks


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    Lightbulb there's special vcrs that convert all the world's vidmatrices. . .

    . . .in fact, i'm on good terms w/the media department of a local library & they happen to have one of these, so if you send me the relevant materials & pay for postage i can convert em for ya for free all i ask is you Finally get around to also sending baal his stuff so i can calculate & collect the bountyhunter fees you both owe me
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    I posted in the MM section becuase there's reference to that Gian Speeder, and the other DC and playset stuff



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