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    Red face Missing MM Gian Speeder?


    You may recall that I was maent to send on a Gian Speeder to someone - can't remember if it was going to the US from UK (scored by BC3) or the other way around.

    Anyhow, I bought a stack of plastic boxes today to pack my unopened collection in and I came across an EP1 pack 10 (?) which I thought was mine until I saw it had a Gian Speeder in it.

    I always assumed the Gian speeder I was allegedly custodian of was a loose MM from the Sacred Place playset but now I'm not so sure...

    Can anyone confirm?



    P.S - Please can you help?

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    Hey jeddah

    Can't remember if I sent it loose or boxed, but I sent VT another one anyway, so your one is unclaimed.



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    Hi BC3,

    But did you send me one for my collection, do you remember? I will happily return this to you (or on to whomever was supposed to get it, if that be the case) if you want.


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    I actually sent it to be forwarded onto VT - but as I say, I've already sent him another, so please keep the one you have (I already have one)



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    Thumbs up but of course, if you don't want it jdah. . .

    . . .you can always still send it this way (& feel free to include accompanying mtt mm )

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    The fruits of ill gotten gains......

    I think it is highly unlikely that this set was for me and I offer my humble excuses and wheedles for my crapness.

    In light of your recent post in the GenDisc (still no SWAFFY ? ) I guess I'll ship it with Baal's stuff and S43s stuff.

    Do you want the box and all mms(I'm sending it airmail from work on the D-L so weight shouldn't matter)?


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    Talking cartman drools: "i take it then you don't want it? shweeeeet" :P---|

    then feel free to send either straight 2me or c/o s43 or baal (if latter, make sure to clearly mark 'em as meant for Me; wouldn't wanna give him no idears )
    while i still seek the plastic trays from ep1 mm packs 7 & 9 (as well as the st #12 def/jem/sarat tray, in case anyone out there's lissnin ), i already got the pack 10 tray so it don't matter 2me if pkg is left behind

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    coola ma lullah. I'll send you the whole shebang complete and deal with Baal and S43 exclusively.



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