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    I remember Titanic had the stipulation that no discounts or special ticket prices were allowed. The theatre in my hometown said they even had to charge full price for matinees.

    When I saw Ep1 eleven times, two of those times were full price minus military discount, two of them were matinee prices minus military discount and seven of those veiwings were $1.00 each at the military post theatre.

    The total I spent on watching Titanic twice was $14 the total I spent on watching Ep1 eleven times was $23. Now I can start to see how Titanic made more money.

    Does anyone remember the big controversy over people being allowed to see EP1 but being sold tickets to other films like Notting Hill or Wild Wild West? I think I remember Lucasfilm claiming it lost millions because of unscrupulous movie theatre managers.
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    Yeah, but I think Star Wars is #2 in ticket sales, so I like that better than Titanic being #1 in BO receipts. I'd rather have SW beaten by GWTW rather than Titanic.
    Amen brother!!
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