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    did anyone ellse see the trailer but think it wasn't on there to begin with?

    in our theartre, i thought it would be with the rest of the trailers...but it's with peter pan and the birds...i was sitting there like "you gotta be kiding me!" than all of a sudden BOOM 20th century fox and my dad just wnet to get popcorn and missed the whole thing LOL LOL ROL!!!!

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    So was it worth it?

    I'm just not that excited yet to run out and see this thing. I'm sure they'll post it online, or eventually I'll see it on TV. Or in 2003 it will be on the DVD.

    Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the November 9th Trailer for the online community (with the disc).

    I've read the spoilers for this teaser, and wasn't that impressed with what was exhibiting. Kamino's look and the little clones have me curious. Other than that, I know what the characters look like.

    Last but not least, if I cave in and go, it'll depend most on the Monsters movie. Got any reviews for me?

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    If you pay to see the trailer only and don't like Monsters, Inc. then you will definitely feel cheated. I can't really say much about Monsters. I liked it and it was pretty good at times, but definitely not as good as Toy Story. However I liked it enough not to think that I wasted my money. I'd give Monsters 3 out of 5 stars. Good but not great.
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    i think it was worth it...but you may need to see it a fewtimes for it to sink in because it goes extremely fast...

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    Blah, I think it's lame that the 2nd trailer for E2 will be exclusive to DVD links 'cause alot of us don't have DVD drives! But that storie has probably been said a thousand times by now so moving along. I think taping it when it airs on MTV would be a good idea, plus TF.N will have it for download soon.
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    I had no driving intention to run out and see the trailer. As much as I like SW, I'm not going to run out and pay $8 to see a movie I really didn't feel like seeing in the theatres, just to see less then 90 seconds of footage from AOTC.

    Plus, its going to be on MTV on Monday I heard, and I got the DVD, so I'll just check out the trailer when its on the DVD site. Plus, the little slide show pre-teaser trailer on the site was decent enough to hold me over.

    I think they should have put the teaser on the DVD, talk about tremendous DVD sales. They probably would have sold twice as fast if it had the trailer on the DVD itself.
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    Thumbs up

    I was sitting there waiting and actually getting annoyed. I thought they weren't going to show considering there were about 14 previews before it. Finally it came on though. I didn't pay to see it, i was there to see another movie, and asked the guy to let me in to just watch the trailers, he was cool about it.
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    Don't forget that Harry Potter is going to have a different (from the secret web site) and that opens Nov. 16...
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    Talking ep2 trailer!

    guys, i don't know about you, but well the ep2 trailer was great, it didn't make much sense to people who saw it like my girlfriend but to those of us who know a little of whats going on, well its was great. there was no music just more a moving slide show with vaders breathing in the background..

    i was just happy to see that this marks the beginning of the countdown for myself and well the images shown look great and no jar jar!!!!

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    ...well I suppose JarJar was in it, but-

    I think the trailer was great!

    Back to the business at hand... I was sitting there and sitting there thinking, "Cripes! Did I come to one of the theatres that didn't get the trailer because of their stupidity the last time around???" I went to see "Monsters, Inc.", which I loved, on Saturday morning at 11:30... by myself I might add!!! I sat through "Harry Potter", "Peter Pan- Return to Never Neverland", that wacky "bird" short and all of the other seemingly useless (at the moment) stuff. Suddenly, "BOOM!" there it was! I held my breath at the sight of the Fox logo and there was the gleaming Lucasfilm logo... like an angel from the skies!

    Impressive... most impressive...
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