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Thread: Screen scenes

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    Talking Screen scenes

    The trash compactor screen scenes are wonderful. Here are some of my ideas for other screen scenes (the bases of similar sets would connect).

    *Hangar Duel 1 - Count Dooku and Yoda. Dooku would be "dynamically posed" and Yoda would be either flipping in mid-air or on a wall.
    *Hangar Duel 2 - Obi-Wan and Anakin. They would be wounded, with "ouch" faces.
    *Naboo Revelation - Anakin and Padmé. From the scene where Anakin talks about his nightmares. Anakin is in his light brown shirt and Padmé in her silk/blue outfit.
    *Geonosis Battle 1 - Clonetroopers. In firing poses similar to the sneak preview figure, but with more articulation.
    *Geonosis Battle 2 - Battle droid and Droideka. BD would have upper body of Arena Battle BD, but with new legs. Droideka would have blast effects coming out of his arms.
    *Droid Control Ship 1 - Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. In "ready for action poses."
    *Droid Control Ship 2 - Battle droids. One commander and one security, with a base of battle droid parts (the parts can come off).
    *Droid Control Ship 3 - Droidekas. With shields and blast effects. Bases 1&2 connect, bases 1&3 do too.
    *Arena Top Box - Jango and Mace. Jango would have a normal-sized head, and Mace would be holding his saber to his neck.


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    Sounds cool, here are some ideas from the OT:

    -Bespin Escape: with Chewie choking Lando

    -Bespin Betrayal: three interlocking sets with two figures each and pieces of the dining table (similar to the Cantina sets). Vader and Fett; Chewie and Lando; Han and Leia (this would be the perfect opportunity to give us a Bespin Gown Leia and a neutrally posed Bespin Lando)

    -Lure of the Dark Side: a reclining Emperor with Jedi Luke, includes the Emperor's throne and a plastic wall piece to simulate the window with a cardboard space scene behind it.

    -Dagobah Training: either a Luke with Yoda in a backpack or Luke doing a handstand with Yoda on his foot, should come with a plastic base that simulates the terrain of Dagobah.

    -Hoth Rescue: includes a Hoth Han and unconscious Luke with a dead TaunTaun on a Hoth plastic base. The TaunTaun should have an opening belly.

    -Bespin Torture: includes Han in the torture chair and Vader looking over him

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    man those are all GREAT ideas, especially the Geonosis Battle and Droid Control Ship
    how about a Arena Battle Set: 2 parts, one with 2 random jedis (one alien, one human) and the other part with a SBD and a normal BD
    Tatooine Desert Set: C-3PO and R2 wandering in the desert, part of Krayt Dragon skeleton on base
    Tantive 4: Vader choking Antilles
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    Tey How (with Pilot seat) & Pilot Battle Droid with computer console.

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    I have another idea that is essentially just an excuse to rerelease all the bounty hunters; but considering how hard a few of them were to find (Zuckuss) I think it would be pretty cool.

    Each two pack would come with a sectional Star Destroyer deck plastic base, the figure breakdowns would be like so:

    Boba Fett and IG-88: the same POTJ IG-88 with both blasters and the 300th Boba with a more neutral pose.

    Bossk and Dengar: since the POTF2 Bossk was essentially perfect then no changes need to be made, just give him a less bulky blaster rifle and a more detailed paint job; Dengar should be sculpted with the backpack that he wore in ESB, y'know the one that wasn't included in the POTF2 figure.

    4-LOM and Zuckuss: give 4-LOM a more accurate blaster and more detailed paint job; Zuckuss was pretty much perfect in his POTF2 release, but nearly impossible to find so no real changes to him need to be made (unless Hasbro wants to get rid of those stupid side cuts in his cloak - a trend that I am glad has all but died out).

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    I had no trouble finding Zuckuss . . . but that's just me.
    I like all your ideas. Here's some more of mine!
    *Naboo Escape 1 - Sabé and Padmé. Sabé in black travel gown (allready released), and Padmé in orange outfit.
    *Naboo Escape 2 - Handmaidens. Two of them, I can't remember which ones were there.
    *Naboo Escape 3 - Qui-Gon and Jar Jar. Neutral posed, nothing fancy here.
    *Naboo Escape 4 - Panaka and Sio Bibble. Panaka has a removable helmet, and Sio Bibble is not impossible to find.
    *Naboo Escape 5 - Handmaidens. Same figures, new names.

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    I like your ideas Bigbarada and 187-Maul.

    How about the Emperor's arrival:
    Emperor with Dignitary
    Vader and Jerjerrod(?) (or whatever officer was with him)

    Capture of R2:
    Jawa shooting R2 with rocks and terrain
    4 Jawas carrying R2
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    Those are all good ideas, some of them are great oppurtunities to get army builders without feeling like you are buying the same things you already have. Here's a few-
    -Sith Holograms
    With Hologram Sidious and Hologram Maul w/ crossed arms.
    With the Tonnika Sisters
    With Lama Su and a neutrally posed Clonetrooper w/ removable helmet.
    -Rehashes (Just for fun, I don't really want them to make these)
    With another Darth Maul (Make sure it is extremely similar to all of the old ones) and Jango Fett with removable helmet and FLAMETHROWER instead of grappling hook!
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    Unfortunately, Hasbro said they would never make the Tonnika Sisters figures.

    I was thinking that Hasbro could do a Cantina set/Screen Scene hybrid by making tables from the cantina with 2 figures sitting at each one.

    I wonder if they are going to limit "Screen Scenes" to main characters or if they will include background characters as well.
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    Those are all pretty good ideas. I would like to see a lot of those. (Just not as exclusives)
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