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    Those are so cute! Thats a nice change! Any chance of seeing them in the states???
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    Cool, I want one!
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    Like to see all the charachters!!!
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    I cant believe I am saying this,but these little guys look awesome.Is Happy Hippo a regular staple in this country,or something new for SW?
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    there have already been some happy hippo lines but this is the first that features starwars
    I even have some normal happy hippos here at home, maybe I can take a pic if anybody is interested in seeing them (probably not)
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    Is happy hippo a kid's book character? or a cartoon show? I'm just a little confused
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    the're just made up characters for the "Ueberachschungs Eier" (surpise eggs in english)
    ok so I'll explain it for all you guys:
    usualy the eggs have something to build in it, like a little car or so
    but everytime, there is a special line (like the SW happy hippos atm) but one of these figs is only included in every 7th egg
    I hope this helps
    Until The End Of Time...
    - Tupac Shakur, RIP


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