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    Walmart Cantina Members - new sculpts?

    Are the first 3 Walmart Cantina sets new sculpts - or the same?

    To me, the Hammer Head and Greedo look like sculpts we have seen before. It looks like Walrus Man has an arm that detaches - so that makes him different.

    Hopefully someone that has them in person can let me know. I have a tough time finding figures in my area and don't want to spend extra cash if I already have the sculpt.


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    Some searching in the forums would do wonders for answering questions like this. But I'll do a quick recap of the figures since you asked so nicely.

    Greedo - Same sculpt as the Commtech Greedo. But finally movie correct in skin color and vest color. Definatly worth a purchase if you prefer your figures to be movie correct. I believe the blaster wound under his vest has some color now as well, instead of the same color as his body on the Commtech version.

    Momaw Nadon - Same basic sculpt as the POTF2 figure, except for his body. The body now is sculpted wearing the correct outfit that was seen in the movies. His skin color is also more accurate to the movie charecter.

    Ponda Baba - The most improved of the three figures. The arms and legs are re-sculpted and he now has bendable knees so that he can sit. He also features the often requested removable arm feature. The paint job is vastly superior to the POTF2 version as well.

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    Hopefully I will luck out and find some in stock at Walmart.



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