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    Hardest 12" to open

    Yesterday I was at TRU and they had a 12" Dewback & Sandtrooper on the shelf for $30. So I open it and whoa, there was twisty-ties up the wahoo; not only was there a lot, all the ones holding the dewback in were doubled up. All in all, it took like 10 minutes to completely free them up.

    I was just wondering what you guys thought were the hardest 12" to completely open. I don't have many, but I say the Dewback & Sandtrooper.
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    hasbro is notorious for over using the twisty ties. i've found that cutting them with scissors is a whole lot faster.

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    Originally posted by derek
    i've found that cutting them with scissors is a whole lot faster.
    Same here. The hardest 12" figures to open that I can remember are all the Portrait Editions. Only because there is cardboard that is attached at the waist with twisty ties, and you have to just about undress the doll in order to get it out. And my wife just happened to walk in my theater room right when I have the doll turned upside down with my hand up the dress.

    Another one was Electronic Jango Fett. I had a hard time with the twisties that were around the arms. PITA!!

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    Ultimate Jango was pretty tough for me to open, it had a lot of combo blister/twist-tie action going on with it, and with all those parts it was a rather complicated and lengthy process to open it and assemble it. It was worthwhile in the end though, it's a kick-butt toy.

    I also agree about the Queen Amidala portrait editions. They were complicated too.

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    I have a small pair of cut-off pliers, and they work well.

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    mini-rock, I am totally with you on the Portrait Editions. I used to display my 12" collection in my office, and was caught in the same compromising position with my hand up Amidala's dress trying to remove the cardboard. I had some trouble explaining to my female co-workers exactly "what the hell" I was doing

    Come to think of it, they still give me strange looks . . .
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    Yes, the Portrait Editions are definitely the hardest to open!! I've never seen something so hellacious! makes opening a dewpack and Sandtrooper look like a walk in the park. Make sure u have a hack saw and the patience of a surgeon if your thinking of yours .
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    I've already ruined a pair of craftsman wirecutters on twistie ties, so scissors are right out. I've found the 12" biker scout was the worst to get out, but that may have been because of anticipation as well.
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    HOWEY MOWEY! You scored a Dewback for $30? Man, that is sweet. Wish my TRU had some left over.......

    Yeah, Ultimate Jango was the most time consuming for me!

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    I also put my vote in for the Portrait edition. What exactly are they trying to protect these figures from?
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