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  • Yes I would like to add him to my collection!

    503 86.72%
  • No, I am not interested in seeing him.

    29 5.00%
  • No, I do not want any more Ewoks!

    46 7.93%
  • Sorry, I am only interested in Prequel Movie figures.

    2 0.34%
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    I've also like the ewoks, so yes we more in figure form. As a kid Warok was the only POFT figure I had on a card (not that I keep carded figures) and was one of my favorite ewoks (because he came with a bow). And I'm all for finishing the vintage line.
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    Originally posted by OzOtter
    I don't get these people who don't like ewoks. Personally I love them, and they are half the reason I got into Star Wars as a kid.
    I will admit, I used to be an "Ewok Figure Hater." However, thanks to the people in these very forums, I was converted. I now understand the importance of Ewoks.

    You just have to respect a bunch of little vicious furry things that can beat down some of the Emperor's Best. And since Hasbro has only produced 5 Ewoks in the modern line, it is hard to re-enact the Battle of Endor. Although, I do have a nice little Endor Rebel Soldier army.
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    Warok should definately be remade considering he was instrumental in helping to swing the Battle of Endor the way of the Alliance. Hasbro should remake Romba and Lumat as well as some baby Ewoks as they were on the first ROTJ bubblegumcards I got when I was a kid and they were prettty cute!
    The multipacks should be left for the more generic Ewoks thus supplying the armybuilders the resources to fully re enact the Battle of Endor. Different sculpts too I might add, as the hang-glider ewok was just a Wicket repaint.Chargrilled carbonized Ewoks would also make cool corpses!

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    I agree Warok should to remade. Hasbro needs to remake the ones from the original line, that were not made yet. They should remake other Ewoks as well. Hasbro needs to listen to collectors and well as kids. Collectors want to see some remake of the original line. I hope Hasbro remakes Warok along with other ones that were not made yet from the 1977 to 1985.
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    Yes, but...

    Yes, I'd like to see more Ewoks but I'd like to see other vintage figures (Imperial dignitaries) more and first.

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    I was just excited to learn that the Silver Death Star Droid was coming with the Sandcrawler!

    That takes care of one of them! 14 to go:

    Romba- polled for
    Imp Dig - polled for
    Gen. Madine - polled for
    Human B-wing Pilot - polled for
    Warok - current poll
    Klaatu (Jabba's Palace)
    Cloud Car Pilot
    Black Bespin Security Guard
    Chief Chirpa
    Leia Bespin Gown (plastic/carded)
    Hoth Rebel Soldier (no goatee, but like acc. pack uniform)
    Blue Snaggletooth (undo Kenner error w. new authentic figure)
    Paploo (a real figure, not a mix-mash of Wicket / Teebo parts)

    Now with the Silver Death Star Droid, ALL the other vintage figures have been re-done.

    There's some argument about variations on Jabba's Skiff Guards and the uniform rank and style of the Imperial Officer, Han Hoth is getting an accurate carded resculpt, Leia and Luke Endor could be redone and carded with lots of removeable accessories, and R2 that launches a lightsaber could be remade much better! I think the Imperial Death Star Gunner also has variations in uniform styles - we have an on-duty dude from ANH, the vintage was a ROTJ gunner out of radiation protecting armor (from the Emperor's arrival scene).

    These are minor discrepencies, but we won't get them all without Ewoks. I myself want at least 2-3 more Ewoks over all the vintage characters being redone. The mother with baby woklings is one for sure!
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    I agree with a lot of people on Warok. But I agree with Typho. I would like to see a resulpt of General Madine, Imperial Dig., Klaatu (not the Skiff Guard that came with the Jabba's Skiff Guard 3 Pack), Romba, Lumat, a Black Cloud City Guard, and a Cloud City Pilot (possibly packed with a Cloud Car Vehicle) would be nice.
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    Have any of these 'would you buy this figure' polls EVER been anything short of a landslide 'yes'?

    I just dont see what the point is.

    If you go to a concert and take a poll 'who likes music?' you would yield similiar uninteresting results.

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    Aikman, you do realise that you don't have to take part in these polls, if you consider them so stupid. Hasbro does keep an eye on the on-line fanbase. Maybe a good showing by a particular charecter will make Hasbro produce the charecter's figure sooner then planned. I swear you have to be one of the most negative people in regards to polls and Hasbro on the entire site.

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    Why hasn't Chief Chirpa been polled for?!! That's the ewok I want done most of all (although the dodgy job they did with Paploo, warrants his re-doing). He's the chief. The CHIEF!

    And a second point (which may be more indicative of what Hasbro perceives its chief market... or it may not), surely the kids love ewoks! I did. When I talk to today's kids about ewoks they tend to love 'em too! What's the go Hasbro? Are you catering to the kids or not. If not, I want my Dannik Jerriko!

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