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  • Yes I would like to add him to my collection!

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  • No, I do not want any more Ewoks!

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  • Sorry, I am only interested in Prequel Movie figures.

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    I asked for an Ewok "Tribe Builder" set in Dear Hasbro, so Ill answer yes to this. Why not make all 4 not-yet-made vintage Ewoks new again, and pack them together via the fanclub?

    Good, get crackin' then.....

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    No thank you. The fanclub doesn't serve my kind. Fine make a tribe builder pack but make it widely available. The only reason for exclusives is the larger stuff regular retailers won't carry. four figures packed together is more likely to sell considering the size of these things than one ewok alone. Or just a 2-pack of ewoks followed by a second 2-pack of ewoks in a different wave. Only the churlish hate ewoks still after all this time. I say these things would sell. If it was JarJar I doubt he'd move far from the pegs, he's the new pariah of star wars. It's time for the prodigal ewok to return to the fold and get that re-release he so richly deserves.

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    One thing a lot of people seem to do - ever since the Jawa, Ewok, and Ugnaught 2-packs, is seem to think we need 2 figures per card to get the value.

    Like it costs Hasbro less because they are smaller.

    That makes no difference. It's the cost of the mold castings that creates their price.

    Every new sculpt requires 1 torso, 1 head, 2 arms, and 2 legs. Plus if you look at Teebo, 2 hands, a hood, and accessories - which they could paint as well as the figure if they put their time into it.

    We were just lucky when we got 2 Ewoks on a card. Hasbro also then felt that there was significant Ewok-hatred that they had to show a value for the figures.

    Jawas and Ugnaughts remain less poseable, less articulate (until the CommTech Jawa, that is).

    Sometimes it's their choice to spend a little more than the average figure cost to give us more on the card. It's a marketing decision to give us more, not a cost-cutter giving us less (when there's only one Ewok per card).

    Now Romba, Warok, and Lumat might be more obscure to "non-vintage age" collectors, so putting them out in a 3-pack with all new figures (like Jabba's Dancers or Skiff Guards) might be the way to go. As long as we get them....
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    cinema scene 3-packs are among the most hopeless preposed figures out there. A 3-pack would be worse than a 2-pack. Personally I didn't see the need for Teebo's wrist articulation and it only seemed added in to justify packing him solo. I'd rather have ewoks with no wrist articulation packed two to a blister frankly. they only need shoulder and hip articulation. Worked fine before and they didn't suffer for it.

    A new jawa 2-pack would also be welcome. If they could shove one with articulation on a card with a gonk droid they could do the same with a second jawa with lesser articulation. Either way it's new jawas and one with excellent poseability. Long as they were both new sculpts who's losing? Same with the Ewoks.

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    Don't get me wrong, I love Jawas. But we don't we have 4 different sculpts? Do we need another version? I don' think any of the existing sculpts are all that bad. I doubt we will ever see a soft goods jawa (like the vintage line).

    I would rather have Hasbro re-release some of the existing jawas on new cards and have their designers working on new figures.

    Now, onto the 1-2-or 3-pack discussion. There is a sense of value when it comes to figures. How do you feel when you look at that little POTJ Teebo you paid $5.99 for compared to the $5.00 gigantic figures like Ephant Mon and Dexter Jettster?
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    I agree that all the classic figures should be made. If it was up to me all the people in the movies would have been made already, and instaed of 20 tatooine lukes I would have just made differant versions of troops, ie. the stormtroopers, imperial officers and such. It's good to see Hasbro is finally doing something like that with the beard and no beard endor soldiers. I'm all for making every figure. After all we the collectors are the ones fueling the markets not the kids. On that note I say, if you do make all the old Ewoks, no spring loaded arm throwing actions, just good sculpts
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    Originally posted by Bryan Segal
    On that note I say, if you do make all the old Ewoks, no spring loaded arm throwing actions, just good sculpts
    Now there's a scary idea!

    I definitely want new Ewoks, but why give Hasbro dumb ideas:

    Action featured Ewoks!

    I can see it now

    1) A RESCULPT of Wicket uses a button on his back to make him smack himself in the head! A rock is included.

    2) New Logray comes with a lever like Anakin HD's, so we have the first Ewok with Lightsaber twirling action - packed with Luke's Jedi saber of course....

    3) Finally a figure of Warok is released with a sound chip so you can recreated those uh...."Ewokee Noises" in the privacy of your own home. A button on his back makes him go into Threepio worshipping actions, also handy for recreating what you see on "The Animal Planet Channel."

    4) Lumat comes with gigantic bow and arrow action. The arrow is longer than Chewbacca is tall to prevent kids from swallowing it. 5 more Ewoks are required to help him wield his weapon.

    5) Like Acklay Combat Obi-Wan, a new Total Control Romba (made of Jabba Glob soft plastic) has a spear throwing action activated by a giant clear knob in his back. Squeezing the soft, pliant material also causes farting noises to occur!

    6) Finally, a new Ewok character never-made-before comes out with blast-apart-action like the Super-BattleDroid. This simulates Scoutwalker damage to the Ewok artillery line. Oh yes, the fun flies in all directions!

    New from Hasbro: The Endor Action Line!!!

    Pick it up wherever Star Wars figures pegwarm!
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    You forgot the "Run like heck" Ewok. You pull back and let him go, like the Accessory Pack Mouse Droid.
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    Again, Warok could be done for Return of the Jedi's anniversary year, completing one more of the vintage figures yet to be redone.
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