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  • Yes I would like to add him to my collection!

    503 86.72%
  • No, I am not interested in seeing him.

    29 5.00%
  • No, I do not want any more Ewoks!

    46 7.93%
  • Sorry, I am only interested in Prequel Movie figures.

    2 0.34%
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    Should Hasbro make a modern figure of Warok?

    See Warok now!

    As promised, in a slowly continuing series of polls to examine whether our readers want all the vintage figures remade for the modern collection, this week we look at the Ewok Warok.

    He is one of the tribe's warriors who helped Chewbacca capture an AT-ST in the Battle of Endor.


    78% of our readers voted YES for a modern version of a human B-wing Pilot.

    89% of our readers voted YES for a modern version of General Madine.

    93% of our readers voted YES for a new version of the Imperial Dignitary


    88% of our readers voted YES for a new action figure for Romba the Ewok.

    There are about 15 figures at the most, which existed as Kenner Star Wars figures from the 1980's that Hasbro has not remade in an all new likeness of.

    So should Hasbro add a modern version of Warok to our present-day collections?

    Look at the image before you vote, then select an answer, and then we'll talk about "why" or "why not?"
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    I would guess that before all is said and done for Star Wars toys, each character will be made (or remade, as the case may be) eventually... At least I hope that's the case.

    I think Hasbro should make some more playsets to go with the figures... There's only a hand full of the playsets and how many Lukes? Mauls..? Wouldn't it be neat to have a Sarlacc pit to feed our skiff guards to?

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    I'm all for Hasbro finishing off the remaining vintage figures that need redone, including Leia: Bespin Gown, and the silver version of the Death Star Droid, that appeared in the Sandcrawler. They need to fix a few of their major flop figures as well, like Lobot and R5-D4.

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    Well, I voted NO, I don't want any more Ewoks.

    However, I am also in favor of Hasbro finishing off the vintage figures.

    I just hope that if/when they re-make this guy he will be the LAST from the vintage line.
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    I'm all for Hasbro making newer versions of any figures that were last seen in the vintage range, Madine, Dignitary etc etc.

    If that also includes Ewoks, yes ANYTHING !!
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    give us more ewoks.

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    yes, i want him made....along with a dozen or so more ewoks

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    Yes, we need more modern ewoks. They should all be individually carded also. Of the four ewoks we have gotten from the modern line (Logray, Wickey, Teebo and Paploo) only Teebo was carded by himself and he is also the only one who looks halfway decent. Hasbro doesn't seem to put as much work into multi-pack or pack-in figures.
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    Yes we need more Ewoks.

    Yes Hasbro needs to complete the vintage line-up in the modern collection.

    Teebo was a POTJ figure while Wicket and Logray were POTF2 figures. As a whole, POTJ figures are much better than the POTF2 figures, so I don't want to blame the lack of detail of Wicket and Logray on the fact that they came as part of a 2-pack.

    I would like for Hasbro to either make Ewoks in 2-packs or with more accessories. I felt slightly ripped off buying a $6 Teebo by himself. I'm sure I will feel redeemed when I buy Ephant Mon for $5.
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    I don't get these people who don't like ewoks. Personally I love them, and they are half the reason I got into Star Wars as a kid.

    But when it comes to figures, even the ewok-haters should be requesting them! If they don't like ewoks - don't buy them. And if they REALLY don't like ewoks, they should buy them so that their amassed imperial troops and AT-STs can squash them! See, everybody wins!
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