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    New Sandcrawler !

    galactichunter has posted some pics of the new saga sandcrawler which will include two pack-in figures
    here's the link
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    Nice paint job but what a shame it's still the vintage mold. Nevertheless any sandcrawler is better than none so I'll be attempting to buy it.
    It realy is a nice paint job on that prototype but I wonder how it'll translate to finished product, loks awfully complicated to turn out looking that good. The jawa and RA-7 droid are what I'd expect as pack-ins and I'm not overly impressed with the paint job on the droid. I think i did a better job on mine. But it's another Jawa for the clan and a saved job for those who don't want to deface a figure. Wonder what the pricepoint will be on this, reckone somewhere near the price of the shuttle? And who's going to have the exclusive? hopefully Walmart cuz those are easier to get hold of. Possibly Target but I hope and pray it's not FAO again. After the way they behaved with the shuttle exclusive I wouldn't give them the offcuts from the factory floor.

    Thinking again, I doubt I'd have room for a bigger sandcrawler so yeah, I'll buy this diddy version. It's a nice paint job, did I say that already...?

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    The scale was the first thing that caught my eye - it's far more out of scale than any other vehicle. I mean - AT-At size would be okay. I wonder what the features inside are like. You can see 'bits' through the viewport on the side.
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    It needs to be BIGGER !! I have never seen the old one -- but it should be BIGGER!!!

    Still cool though...
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    The paint job is awesome, I will be sure to pick this one up.

    And I agree, I hope to God it's not an FAO exclusive. I really don't want to have to give my money to those people.
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    Looks good, but, as most have noted, it's too small. Of course, a scale version would probably be the size of a Volkswagon, but they could have made it at least AT-AT or Republic Gunship or Shuttle sized.


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    pretty much just echoing what everyone else stated......great looking...needs to be a bit bigger....

    ofcourse, when I was a kid, my sandcrawler seemed huge ...

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    I will buy it. I will buy two, or three, if I can find 'em. As Jargo mentioned, the paint job on the droid leaves something to be desired; hopefully, the finished product will be more... silvery. But the weathered look on the Sandcrawler itself is marvellous.

    I am very, very glad to see this!!! Finally, a Star Wars toy I can REALLY look forward to!!!

    Now we just need a good R5-D4...

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    Looks good, but yes it does need to be bigger.

    Seems as though Hasbro are taking shortcuts again... WHERES THE ELECTRONICS ??

    Theyv'e done exactly the same as they are doing with the re-issue Shuttle, at least we get 2 figures with the Sandcrawler though. So electronics I could do without.

    I hope that it is NOT an exclusive, as trying to get them here in the UK, costs a packet.
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    Pricepoint ........

    Got to be a maximum of $40.

    Since it is quite a small vehicle and there will be a large number of potential customers on this one, the box needn't be much bigger than that of the POTJ Snowspeeder, so I would be amazed at a price any greater than my estimate.

    Happy hunting peeps.



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