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    Simplistic Planets

    Why is it that every planet has little variation in landscape?

    Hoth - the snow covered planet.

    Naboo - forest, meadows, lakes and waterfalls (your basic vacation planet)

    Kamino - ocean covered

    Corousant - City covered

    Dagobah - swamp planet covered in gnarled trees and fetid swamps

    Endor (actually a moon) - rivers, ancient trees and forests cover the surface

    Genosis - harsh rocky world

    Kashyyyk - Lush world with teeming forests

    Tattoine - desert planet

    Ok.... is it just me or do none of these planets have a diverse landscape. If other planets are just like this, it must make Earth seem like geological heaven.

    So the next film, Episode 3, is rumored to have some fighting in a volcanic area. I hate to sound sarcastic, but why is a new "volcano planet" necessary to tell the story when any one of these planets are capable of having a volcano?
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    Nothing wrong with a planet have just one type of primary terrain/ecology. That exists in our solar system also. Mars is a desert, Pluto is mostly ice, etc. It just depends on how far from the sun the planet is. I don't see anything wrong with that, this is science fiction after all. Kamino was a normal planet most likely, until the ecological disaster that covered the planet with water.

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    sure, it's "possible" to have planets like this. But if you want to compare it to other planets in our solar system, remember that NONE of them carry enough oxygen or atmosphere to sustain life.

    How can you have a desert planet? One that has no trees or water? Even if that planet was lucky enough to have enough oxygen to sustain life, the people living on it would use it up and there'd be no plant life to create new oxygen.

    In my opinion the most realistic planet is naboo. Plenty of balance in nature to sustain a lot of life.
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    That's why it's called science fiction.

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    Well, as said before, it's science fiction. Maybe on Tattoine there is a specific bacteria that is Silca based and digests sand, which is silica dioxide. The it releases the extra oxygen into the air? See- anything can happen in Science fiction.

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    Originally posted by The Overlord Returns
    That's why it's called science fiction.
    I love the star wars saga - don't get me wrong. I just find it strange that not much detail or thought went into the planets. We can get books that show schematics on everything from light sabers to star destroyers. A high level of realism has gone into the entire universe. My question is why not with the planets too?

    The fact that it's science fiction doesn't mean it can't be made realistic. It's science fiction because it deals with fictional characters and story and because it deals with space/past. Sure it gives the creator license to bend the rules of reality. But only to a point.

    Hell, we all get on this message board to analyze the hell out of the stories. Some of us even get on to bash the creativity of the creator of this magnificent story. How can you slam a guy that's made more in one lifetime than most of us will make in 100 lifetimes?
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    Well, I always thought Naboo was rather Earth-like, except with a cooler (Cold/Fall weather some of the time, springtime-ish during the "Hot" season) overall climate. I think George used the different planet climates to make the movie more interesting, and he succeeded.
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    There were 2 "earth like" planets in Star Wars, Alderran & Naboo. Also wasn't Yavin Earth like?

    Tatooine and Geonosis seem to be about the same since they are both on the outer rim. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

    The city planet makes sense considering it's supposed to be at the center of the known universe, and this is where all species in the Republic congregate.
    Kamino I have no idea, but don't see why a planet made up of water can't exist in a sci-fi movie.

    Forrest moon, seems like it shoud be able to support life with so many trees.

    Whether these planets make sense or not it IS sci-fi afterall, and there should be no limit to what you can do with your imagination. Like Ben Burtt said "There are no Rules".

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    Actually I think by the way geology works I don't think a planet that would be all desert would be able to have enough oxygen for anyone to be there to breathe. In fact, Mars, I believe is such a planet. What makes a desert is the fact that the atmosphere above the land is very thin. BUt then again Tatooine's atmosphere could be artifically held in place.
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    The reason for making the planets different is because George wanted you to know immediately that it was a different planet. You can't have too many things on a planet or people could get confused.
    BTW, this is on the EI DVD.
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