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    your SAGA wishlist.

    what is your saga wish list? can be from this year or next. here is mine!
    1: obi-wan:acklay battle
    2:dooku '03
    3:republic gunship pilot x4
    4:jango fett pilot
    that's mine!
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    Mine is as follows:

    1) 4 Republic Gunship Pilots
    2) Articulated Padme
    3) Hailfire Droid
    4) Aayla Secura
    5) Imperial Shuttle
    6) Droid 3-Pack (Battle, Super, Destroyer)
    7) Sandcrawler
    8) Geonosian Fighters and Dooku Speeder

    And a Mace Windu that doesn't suck.
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    Are we only allowed to choose from items that have been announced?

    Anyway, here's my list and it includes some stuff that is not even rumored:

    Gunship Pilot x2
    Trash Compactor Screen Scenes
    Anakin's Speeder
    Hailfire Droid
    Dwarf Spider Droid
    Deluxe Clonetrooper
    Ephant Mon
    Hoth Han
    Hoth Chewie
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    well, you can choose from anyone you think will be a figure next year...i forgot....i want 4 pilot CT for my gunship.
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    I would choose all of them. This way I have each figure Hasbro makes. Unless the figure is stupid. Like Darth Maul (Sith Training) and a result Qui-Gon Jinn. I don't want these figures in my wish list or collection.
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    well, we get at least one of every 3 inch figure and the unleashed and the action fleet and a few 12 inchers too! i hope i find the republic gunship pilots today on my hunt! wish me luck!
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    I'm still Tatooine Attack Anakin and Sith Training Maul-less
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    we got lucky on those. only had 2 of each! and we got them!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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