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    Most Wanted Episode II Figure..

    What is your most wanted Episode II figure?

    Mine is......Coleman Trebor.

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    I'd just like to have a well-articulated, neutrally posed Clonetrooper with a removable helmet. No gimmicks or action features, just a well-made figure.

    If you asked my most wanted Ep2 vehicle, I would say AT-TE.
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    Bail Organa - followed by Poggle.
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    Most wanted figures - Poggle the Lesser and Bail Organa

    Most wanted vehicle - AT-TE
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    I would say Bail Organa as well.

    Vehicle--hard to say. They were all cool in some way. AT-TE was cool looking.
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    Clegg (right name?), with bonus wheelchair thingy. Or a Lars family screen scene?
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    Figure - Articulated Clonetrooper (It's damn hard to find anymore preview ones to build your army).

    Vehicle - Republic Assualt Ship
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