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    G.I. Joe on DVD??

    I found this auction on ebay and can't find anything else about these.
    They look really nice and I would like to have them, but the price is quite prohibitive...
    Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I'm pretty sure this is something that someone made, but the price is REALLY high....I dunno....


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    if these were'd be seeing them at comic shops all over the place. I wouldn't bother if I were you.

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    Looks like a fraud to me. The image formed by the spines is from the new Image comic book (issue #2, I think), which I seriously doubt would be on the packaging for a collection of cartoons co-produced by Marvel.

    Edit: in fact, all the discs have Image covers and/or graphics on them. Those discs might be well-done bootlegs that actually have the cartoons on them, but they're not legit copies.

    With Transformers hitting DVD (for real) and the movie already available, I'd bet on GIJoe coming out within a year.
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    "factory sealed" - that's funny... most likely he went to an abandoned factory and used his "euro-sealer."
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    Doing a quick search on the web turned up that the first offical release of GI Joe to DVD isn't suppose to be until sometime in 2003. Perhaps this person has a demo press........or maybe their just pirated, just maybe.
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