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    Trek req'...

    VT, Sounds like you had a full and successful day of bounty hunting w/ b'jr. I sure wish I could still find AFs (open or sealed box) anywhere here!!! About the trek-con, if you see a decent, unopened playmAFes Ferengi Maurauder, I'd be interested. I'd prefer to pay $10.00 or less (but I'd go to $15.00), before shipping. Any chance to listen to the tape yet?

    btw - I will not be able to check my work email for the next 2 weeks, so if you email me, please send to the addy in my SSG profile (

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It sure has gone by fast!
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    Unhappy grif, i'se gots sum baaaaad news

    Originally posted by good shot jansen

    i have an idea,

    grif, send me your addy, and i'll cover the green a-wing from my end, i have several dupes of it laying around!

    vt, you keep the extra scratch from griff, and use it to try and git me some more reasonable priced, (i will only accept srp or less) babylon 5.

    if this is agreeable to all, say so here!
    horrors of horrors

    when i checked my stash at home, the boxed green a-wing that i had, is no longer there. i had forgotten that i told my wife it would be ok to give that to a friend of mason's for a birthday present some time ago

    however, i do have two loose green a-wings, unfortunately the pilots are not included nor mon motha ( they were part of a package auction which i had won, which included a lot of things with it). if you would like, i will send you both of those a-wings (with stands), i'll substitute the a-wing pilots with other pilots which i have, and if agreeable to you, as a bonus, i will include a loose but complete dewback battle pack which includes the rare dropped figure of ig-88. let me know if this is ok, and i will ship it off asap.
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    Welcome're most welcome! ....and hope you got my email regarding the Action Collection R2-A6 I think you were looking for? If not, email me if you're interested.

    VT, there was one pic that didn't turn out.... way too overexposed....and I don't think I can salvage it enough to discern SWAFMAN's incredible music folder. Sorry
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    Thanks, yes I got your email.

    I have about 6 R2-A6's (which I myselft bought for $4.00 apiece). I'm all R2-A6'd out at the mo as I decided to build 1:1 scale models.

    Having said that, I am still after the R2-D2 with moveable claws/parts and the R5-D4. Altho' I'm on a collecting sabbatical @ the mo', I make an exception to anyone finding these 2 6"ers.

    Thanks again,


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    Thumbs up swaffy's AFerengi noted, gsj's cheapee b5mms noted :)

    re other arrangements such as green awing: y'all might wanna wait till after convention friday; let's first see what i can find there btw gsj, i think i know who that glenn guy is; in fact, he may be selling at the con. feel free to email him, telling him you're from florida but that a denver pal of yours named vulcantouch will be making the rounds friday night, so if he wants feel free to bring whatever you may wish me to inquire about, as well as his aliens & t2 mms & set them aside for vt's inquiry on your behalf
    swaffy: oh sure i've had Time to listen to tape, but you already know that with me, it's never that simple; i have to wait for the Right time the fsmmb's timminator also sent me a cdr (as with gsj's, i'm still working on His mixtape ) so who knows, maybe i'll hear em both back2back
    r2: if u still have, plz send overxposed swaffolder pic to my "real name" address so i can see just forda heckuvit
    today at thrift store: o-o-p (no figs or stand) af slave1 for b'jr, $.80 one thing you never find at thrift stores is mms. i guess potential donors figure, "aw heck, these're so cool and small, it's not like i'm gonna free up a lotta space if i throw em out, so i might as well keep em around". i know how they feel
    has anyone forgotten i've not only sighted a loose af ig88 figure for $1.50, but also the bp which includes it for $5? just checking
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    Thumbs up okey dokey

    i have e-mailed glenn and informed him that you would be makin the rounds on friday, and that i would be interested in his alieans and t2 mm's (i would?).

    i've never even given those mm's a thought, but as in the case of bab 5, i trust your judgement in these matters without hesitation, so if you score these fer me at a price that sits well with you, i would love to have these (i would?).

    actually, i recall reading somewhere thet the mm acp fits like a glove into the af drop ship, and that does interest me!(i love when mm's work with different lines due to the scale of the toys!)

    now i'll have to find a drop ship somewhere. (just when you think you're done.............................................. ..........)

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    actually, i didn't axe you to email glenn so i could get You alien&t2 mms. . .

    . . .i was actually asking so i could score em for b'jr, cuz he always wants more of them (esp. the apc, sharing your fits-perfectly-into-the-af motive; he has 15 af droppers and "only" 6 apcs to put in em but whaddahell, if you wanna get in on t2 & aliens mms, lmk min. acceptable condition & max acceptable price asap, & if b'jr don't want glenn's price (or even if he does ), maybe you will
    last call for wants! b'jr & i are heading to dealer room in less than 5 hours!! then that pal who sold b'jr $170 wortha sw stuff this summer is draggin us to the 'bird for some sick twisted animation fest or some such. but i promise we won't take any finds in with us
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    Post report

    first of all, that guy i thought was glenn wasn't oh well:
    -$5 minmp af tf droid control ship
    -$3 o-o-p dc rep cruiser
    -strikeforce k-bop, $15
    -playmates insurrection ent-e (w/captain's yacht "mm") in a box that has been opened but otherwise in perfect shape, $35
    say so ASAP if you want any of above, i'll try to get back for a mopup run baggins:
    -$6 mint o-o-p dc sith inf -say so here if you want
    -minmp ferengi strikeforce for swaffy, $8.30 (this dealer charged tax)
    from another dealer i negotiated a $30 deal for a dc slave 1 (for b'jr, $5) and b5 mm set #5 (for gsj, $25!) in the event gsj doesn't want it for that price (about a third of ebay yields ), one of you may take it, otherwise b'jr sez for that price he'll be happy to get a second set
    from another dealer i negotiated a six-item, $50 deal- price breakdown as follows:
    -r2q5 for jdah, $10 (about the cheapest we're likely to find; confirm that this is acceptable)
    -ree-yees on slightly crimped card for $5 -any mm forum regulars may claim this if they want it; otherwise i'm using it for trade fodder
    -mega droideka, $10 -claim if you want, otherwise b'jr'll take it
    -300fett for b'jr, $13
    -alpha/af cloud car and bwing, $12 total (hope you waited like i tolja, gsj ); b'jr gets the afs, i get the alphas
    also for me: an mm-sized, snapfast-type model of the kazon raider, FREE! (traded it for b'jr's spare jedi hair braids ) like the maquis of this (which i already have), it's prepainted and differs significantly from the mm, which makes it a worthwhile addition to an stmm collection imo but box sez they also made a voyager, so you Punks keep an eye out for a cheap one for me, hear?
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    re: VT scores Ferengi marauder @ the con'

    VT - did I read correctly that you scored a Ferengi playmAFes ship for me for $8.30? That is so cool. On your OK, I'll paypal the total + shipping to you in a VeryTimely manner.

    BTW, in case you haven't read your email yet, I have a new email address for the house - My work email is still the same, but I won't be in the office until the 10th, so the '@home' one is the best way to contact me. I won't be able to access any computer from about 9/5 to 9/8.

    Anywhoo, thanks a bunch for finding the trek ship. Your rep as bountyhunterextraordinaire is solid gold!!!!

    I'll try to stay up to date on the forum as much as I can between now and the 4th, then around the end of the week. Hope you enjoy the holiday.

    (??any chance to listen to the tape yet? - pls don't flame me if you already posted something on it, and I missed reading it!!! )
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"


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