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    welcome back, R2!!!! was just thinking yesterday that it seemed like a really long time since I'd seen a post from you. do you have any hot leads on new MM/AF star wars releases?
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    SWAFFY!!!!...Sorry no leads. Since I haven't been online to keep up with current news, my recent finds have just been accidental. NO MM info, but have found a lot of the FritoLays SW bags, some General Mills SW cereal boxes, the SW puzzles in the tins and a bunch of EpII legos.

    Needless to say, JT is the one with the most updated MM news
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    glad to see you back and posting r2!

    thrawn and i were discussin' just last week via e-mail as to where you were. both of us were concerned as you hadn't been heard from in awhile, and e-mails sent by both him and i to you went un-answered.

    glad to see you back!
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    scored today at k-mart...

    holy guacamole!! our local kmart had toys covering nearly 1/2 the shelves in the whole store today. I spent over two hours combing the shelves for anything and everything Star Wars. Found two SWAFs - Sebulba's Pod & another Naboo Starfighter. $4.90 each, after the 30% discount. I now have a Sebulba open on my display shelf. Cool, but that clear plastic piece in the center is kinda annoying. Also grabbed another mini-scene #1. I went to 5 local stores., and am posting a full list of what I saw or bought in the Just Found USA - Eastern PA thread, with prices. If anyone wants anything, lemme know, and I'll grab it.
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    Arrow still awaiting replies for above quextions to jt, jdah & dc :) meanwhile. . .

    fun meetin jayspawn & mrhat for the first time they thought they recognized me & b'jr from other cons or fanclub sales. but we only chatted for a bit before infiltratin the dealer room before the hordes were officially let in wasn't the same w/out you, dee2, funwise or mojowise tried hookin up w/ar2, couldn't get a holda also couldn't find the guy who owes b'jr for the sst bugs (courtesy jdah & gsj) we traded him also wasn't able to arrange any trades w/dealers (might try again tomorrow), & the only worthwhile score i was able to sniff out was an o-o-p dc sebulbapod for $2- anyone here wants, say so sighted $2 xray sets 1 & 3 (wasn't someone here axin bout xrays?), a $5 nmip commtech droideka, 2 $120 predator afs, $10 maquis & kbop strikeforces, and lmk if any interest in case i go back tomorrow
    bjr & i got a good laugh outtuva $175 st le set II
    dee2: fox31's will jones interviewed several scalpers, maybe you'll see me in the bckgnd makin fun of em behind they backs
    scores at liquidatin scalper's lair:
    2/$5 o-o-p figs: 7of9, rocket r2 and 2 bomaars for b'jr, obiwan spirit for ltb and holosid & pack-in atadriver for trade or whatnot, lmk if interest in last 2 or prev-reported eu spacetrooper, atat commander, r2b1 w/out commchip & tc14 w/out commchip or tray)
    13 $1 mms for b'jr: battle-damaged ywing, suncrusher, xwing, t16, some milit jets & tanks and aunt beru's treadwell droid (considered an mm for this purchase )
    12 3/$1 accessories: corusgaurd rifle (anyone need?), a phaser &
    9 communicators for b'jr and a lil surprise i think bc3'll dig, since he has a few pewter ships in his mm collection
    wasn't able to buy any mm stands ltb, cuz scalper wasn't sure if more stands weren't in storage so was reluctant to part with stands until we check- i'll lyk when we do

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    VT, if you go back, I'll take both playmates ST ships for openers! If not, no problemo. Thanks for looking!

    (maybe just for grins, offer the AF predator scalper $30 each for both Predators. If they say yes (in my dreams!!), I'll take 'em both. An opener of one of those would be cool!)
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    i also saw cardie, ferengi & ent-d strikerforce but didn't note prices; lmk your max for any of those in case interested

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    VT - I'll take one of any you see, except the ent-d, which I already have two of. Max pay would be $10 each, but naturally I'd prefer to pay the least possible thanks, seņor!
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    Thumbs up confirmed swaffy :)

    if i go i should be able to find all 4
    now that bc3's back, i trust he's seen mssgs to him in posts 202 & 215 above? good
    s43 & jf: sowwy, no kaztorps or arrays sighted
    doesn't anyone here want the $2 mint loose dc sebulbapod?

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    Oh you mean moi? re the power harness? Well, yes ,please send on. No more harnesses need after this one, thx

    die jennifer lopez, die


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