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    Awaiting Confirmation britcit3's Avatar
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Just in case anybody is interested.......

    After 6 months of being digicamless, it is now fixed and I have been able to update my site.

    Has a few interesting new bits & pieces, including a very cool balsa mm sized model of NX-01.



    PS if ARTOO reads this, I hope you don't mind, but I've added a link to the old WAYBACK ENGINE GALOOB site. Hope this is OK - ta.

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    S43, I ordered that classic duels set from Millennium today - thanks again!
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    No problem swaffy. At least it wasn't the Japanese ZAAP 2-pack that you found to be opened. That would have been a little harder to replace. Hmm, that actually reminds me that I don't have a loose ZAAP set. Everytime I think my collection gets more incomplete, I'll have to see what I can do about that. No more thinking for me


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    a Zaap opener... that would be nice, but veddy decadent - kinda like buying the mona lisa at auction, then taking it out of the frame and using it as christmas wrapping paper on someone's gift box, just 'cause you felt like it and could afford it.
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    britcit3...of course it's OK to use the Wayback machine link!!! We all need to keep the Galoob site alive in any way we can.

    Great pics of you and junior!!!!
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    Wink anytime now on that techmanual check, jt ;)

    meanwhile, a few more media pieces you (or anyone else here) may wish me to enclose free in your upcomin shipment- 1st claimed/easiest to fit into your parcel, 1st served- and don't forget any unclaimed still-availables listed in post 202 above
    magazines etc, w/a few pgs missing:
    fall 78 cinefantastique w/big ce3k article
    oct 95 cinescape
    jun/jul sw kids (complete)
    oct/nov 98 stofc communicator
    sw insider issues 11, 36 and 43 (maul cover variant)
    voy cast poster from tvguide special trek issue (pre7of9; sorry jdah )
    1980 esb sketchbook
    sote comix (i kept the bountyhunter sequences don't want the rest)
    sw se comic version issue 1

    lengthier genre-flick mag articles, mostly from cinefantastique:
    ed wood
    universal's terminator 3-d
    strange days
    dungeons & dragons
    from dusk til dawn
    misc. animated projects
    misc. horror (jeepers creepers etc; maybe jdah like )

    sightings at westland target: $1.54 potj shmis and $4 leia w/jabbaguns meanwhile, 2 pre-af-scalper-confrontation quextions:
    1: "emblemless awing" means it has no circle/lightnin bolt symbol, right?
    2: you still seekin one of these gsj? anyone else?
    just askin, not makin any promises so don't wet y'allselves
    hey, lookie what s43 sed to me in recent email: "When I think of MMs three people pop into my mind Baal, Britcit, and yourself"
    aww, now ain't dat nice in that case don't fergit to shower me with the worship that's rightfully mine (thred title's in response to "jesus loves you" gendiscuss thred)
    np: ministry, "work for love"
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    Yup, no Reb or Imp tech manuals.

    I'm up for those Insiders and Communicators, and also the ESB Sketchbook. Gracias!
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    I don't need one, but yes, "emblemless" means the tail fins are blank - no logo.
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    what the swafster said, if it's green mean and emblemless, it is indeed what i'v'e been lookin' for like forevah!

    keepin dry for the moment............................................
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    Unhappy i copy jt; & permission granted to relieve bladder, gsj. . .

    . . .cuz i'm afraid sighted greenawing weren't no emblemless also, bc3 & s43: i'm afraid scalper "mistakenly" sold rogue2 ( ), and was mistaken about his other two being rogue2s btw bc3, since i missed you in carolina and a big rogue2 won't be part of your shipment, i'll revert to prev. plan of enclosing your pkg in jdah's for forwarding onto you, since there's just enough room
    ltb: mauled moneyorder cashed a-ok
    all recipients: with the arrival of ltb's $$ i'm rapidly runnin outta excuses to crastinate on yalls pkgs, so expect me to get em all out at once in the next week or 2, so plz re-send me your mailing addresses next chance you get
    swaffy, badnews: silver-logo atat box is missing a small part of side-window lattice, so it's not mint; hope it's still acceptable, lmk. good news: i was able to wrangle scalper's guilt re above-mentioned rogue2 misunderstanding into a ~10% discount for your 4 silvers your current total: $54.79 +$8 +$9 +tobedetermined shipping, so wait on paypallin till i pack & send quextion: since strikeforce cardie will be an opener for you, it would make packin your parcel a lot easier if i could remove it from box for shipping. i'd still include all contents & packaging, & ensure protection of latter. lmk if that's ok also, re our latest Hump xchange i'll be enclosing a cinefantastique What Dreams May Come article (& also a SpaceJam article if you want)
    jedigoofy: plz confirm you've seen above reports re items for you also please remind me exactly what i'm enclosing in your pkgs
    darthcarlos: still waiting to hear from you (above) re trade


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