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    re: JediGoofy's "my collection proudly includes also the Dinky's Interceptor, SHADO 2, Space Eagle, and Thunderbird 2. All of them escaped for all these years any attempt on their life by my parents!"

    My interceptor, and a ton of other VERY collectible items disappeared while I was away frm my father's house one year. I never saw it again, but did find the big missile from the front of the ship in a cousin's room several months later, and he had visited my house while I was away. At the time I wasn't interested in collecting, and just wrote it off as a lesson learned. To this day I've never associated with him or his siblings. But in recent years, as I've become more involved in serious collecting, I've regretted not trying to recover my Corgi / Dinky car collection. I had some absolutely beautiful cars.
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    I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner on the Ep. 1 collections. E-mail me at so I can send these out to you. I hope someone gives them a good home. Just to remind you, I'll be sending you 2 of each-packs XI, XII and XIII.
    GSJ if you want that T-16 it's all yours.

    Darth Carlos

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    Thumbs up good homes for mms: the name of our game

    dc: "I'll be sending you 2 of each-packs XI, XII and XIII"
    in that case we better think of some things to send you (in Addition to the control ship) to make this a fair trade; need any of the additional items above? if not, lmk what Might fill yer bill
    meanwhile, the #13 paks likely aren't needed on this end, unless maybe ar2, dee2, haggie or some other colorado collector here might want- anyone?
    btw, might you have the ships &/or clear trays from ep1 pax 7 or 9? i'd be interested, lmk

    gsj: you sound worried that appearin thusly might be a bad thing; after all, every ecosystem needs good scavengers
    shameless VulTure
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    Wink (crickets). . . ok then, while i wait for the replies to Pour in. . .

    . . .i spose i Could get around to replyin to this:

    dee2 (post 210 above): "will have to plan another VTeatime soon"
    -anytime you wish, but wouldn't i feel bad about you drivin allaway up here when i haven't been able to score you no goodies since the Last time we met up? after all, i like to make the trip worth yer while either way: now that it's gettin warmer & there's all these cool new ep2 toyz to ogle, b'jr & i were thinkin maybe sometime in the next coupla months we'd drive down & view your impeccable supercollection in person? say, some afternoon between ~3:30 & 6:30, so as to evade rush hour? he occasionally has a tech errand to run down in cosprings, so maybe we'd drop by on way back? lmk & i'll begin coordination attempts
    sightings: silver-logo afs (nmip i think, but since i don't care much about that kinda thing i can't say i checked thoroughly), lmk if interested in any: $15 xwing, $20 tyderium, awing & atat, and $25 snowspeeder. also a $40 nmip virago
    scores for myself: voy Flashback novelization $.50, voy Endgame novelization $3 and Tales From Jabba Palace for free (unsellable cuz i discovered someone had carved a hidden compartment into its first 100 pages, rendering them unreadable; however, i wanted it mainly for the fett story anyway, which is towards the end and therefore intact )
    b'jr sez he saw ep2 crosssection book for 1/2price at costco or some such, so since i won't be able to count on no more $5 fanclub sales i'll prolly try to score that
    btw in case anyone here's interested, i've posted a new fig accessory trade offer in da classifrieds
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    VT........ just let me know when B'jr needs to do a tech errand in my area..... and we'll see if it works to our mutual advantage, timewise As for impeccable supercollection .....noone can beat B'jr's massive fleet!!
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    Exclamation confirming launches: swaffy, jdah and bc3 (finally ;) )

    even though i beat the june rate hike, i was surprised by the high postage costs this time round:
    swaffy: $71.79 purch price + $7.20 shipping (no way could a pkg of this size & density pass for media mail ) brings yer total to $78.99; eta a few days, just 2b sure plz wait til it arrives b4 palpayin
    jdah: $39.55 ground shipping (box is about same size as last time but definitely heavier); also wait on paying cuz Total cost will be determined after you ship to baal cuz, along with your shipment to me & b'jr, that will be deducted from your cost for this & prev parcel eta ~six weeks- which means you have That long to gain handy access to a cassette player, that you may immediately review timmer's packed-in mixtape before promptly forwarding to him
    bc3: pkg enclosed within jdah's, so should receive a few days after that; no shipping cost since we traded
    my only current remaining obligations are shipments to dc and jg, both cuz i await add'l info jt & gsj: have yers arrived yet? good, time for me to take a break & have a few laughs

    dee2: "noone can beat B'jr's massive fleet"
    -quoth quiggonn: "if only that were true" maybe b'jr outclasses you re Opened mms, but from what i've seen on your website You certainly outclass Us re opened & sealed sw items of All kinds and baal certainly beats all of us re sw & trek mms- which is why b'jr is only his junior
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    Smile My first launch!

    Hi vt,
    at the end of last week I shipped you my small group of MM vehicles and AF figures. (I shipped them surface mail, so they will take the Long and Winding Road )
    Right now I am about to move, so my entire SW collection is a complete mess. But when I will be in my new home I have all the room to create finally a very good display for my beloved MM and AF vehicles! :happy: At that point I will be able to carefully check any doubles I have.

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    ITEMS RECEIVED! - Thanks VT!! Silver logo X-wing, Shuttle, Sandcrawler & AT-AT, an elusive SST warrior bug battle pack in the best condition card I've yet seen, plus a strike force Cardassian Warship. Add-ins included beautiful artwork ST TNG collector's cards & film mag articles on What Dreams May Come & Space Jam. Whadda guy!!

    The cardie ship doesn't display too badly, but I opened one of my strike force Enterprises, and it is horrid! No pride or quality in the workmanship, at all! They didn't even finish the bottom of the fuselage, and they gave four holes to mount the ship on its stand, and ALL of them are off-center!!!! ACK!!!! I "hid" this one on the lowest shelf, surrounded by software boxes!

    Anyhow, more props to VT!
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    Angry hedz-up other debtors (aka Damn Paypal Pinhedz :p )

    timely as always with the moneys, swaffy's ccard pmnt confirmation just arrived, but w/following note:
    Important Note: Personal Accounts may not receive payments funded with a credit card. You must upgrade to a Premier or Business account before this payment will be credited to your account. And the fees on incoming payments are 2.9% + $0.30 to receive payments.
    If you do not want to upgrade your account, please deny this payment. You will retain your Personal account and will not be assessed any fees. To continue to receive payments for free, make sure that the people who pay you fund their payments with their PayPal balance or with a bank account.

    live & lurn eh? oh well, lmk what you wanna do swaffy, no hurry. meanwhile, anyone else who owes me $$ be advised that if you paypal via ccard you'll have to add that xtra 2.9% + $0.30 they wants, cuz I ain't gonna cover that poop otherwise, do it viz your paypal acct, your bank acct, or mail a check or money order, or hand-delivered cash via nubian slave
    swaffy: "Those silver logo SWAFs are in very nice shape!"
    -goody to keep weight down i always like to push my (our) luck by packing w/the absolute minimum amount of neccessary space & crush-clearance. glad it didn't bite us in the ***

    "SST warrior bug battle pack in the best condition card I've yet seen"
    -really? it looked pretty jacked-up to me; glad it's acceptable

    "The Enterprise card's artwork sorta reminds me of the
    space scene in 'where no one has gone before' although not exactly. That episode was on TNN last night, and the starfield was just spectacular when they go three galaxies away"
    -yeah, i've retained a personally-edited copy of that ep, since about 1/3 of it is dopey but the rest is supercool
    (i sent SJ article cuz you asked if a maw mix i put on your tape was in Space Jam )

    "hoping to get an opener Dagobah X-wing off eBay"
    -lmk max price & i'll keep in mind in case i sight locally (would check w/you before buying of course). still waiting to follow up on af warrior bug possibility, i'll lyk
    dee2: stilltryina arrange a rendez down there; meanwhile, would you happen to need a 2' x 4' frito-lay display that has biker anakin on one side and annie & vader on the other? if so i'll bring it when we head down, it's big but in great shape otherwise i'll try to do an in-person trade of it w/some colorado collector for some little bits o' junk i seek (after all, no Way would i spend the postage to trade this thing to an out-of-town collector )
    jg: surface is a-ok, no hurry on this end speakin of, i still gotta consult w/b'jr to see if he has those other figs you seek
    dc: still waitin to hear if you need any more of the things i listed above
    meanwhile, hasn't jt's or gsj's stuff arrived Yet??

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    Originally posted by SWAFMAN
    The cardie ship doesn't display too badly, but I opened one of my strike force Enterprises, and it is horrid! No pride or quality in the workmanship, at all! They didn't even finish the bottom of the fuselage, and they gave four holes to mount the ship on its stand, and ALL of them are off-center!!!! ACK!!!! I "hid" this one on the lowest shelf, surrounded by software boxes!
    Don't say we didn't warn you about them Strike Force ships!

    VT, I did indeed get your package yesterday... sadly, it's sitting next to the Jorg Sacul I received in the mail in the back of someone's car since like an idiot, I left 'em both there. Thanks for sending, sorry I dropped the proverbial ball in finishing its mighty journey. I'll make sure to let you know what I think of its contents when I finally get it back tomorrow.

    Also, paypal's recent receiving fee indeed sucketh mightily. I've all but stopped using their "service" since they introduced that "feature".
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