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    VT Frito Lay...sure bring it on down when we arrange a meet.......but if you get someone else who is crazy for it and they have ALL of your bits o' junk needs feel free to deal
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    VT, opened the package today, the Lego 2x1 plates and your note were so inconspicuous that I almost missed both of them. I thumbed through what you sent, it was really cool to see an Insider before the Hasbro figures came out, back when Micro Machines were the big deal. I had a major nostalgia flash when I saw that ST4 promo thing, that absolutely floored me 'cause I had one when I was muuuuch younger, I got it at a convention where Shatner was the main speaker, this was before the film's release.

    The Imp and Reb tech books were very cool, I definitely have never looked through those before. I also enjoyed the heck out of the ESB sketchbook, now I might have to track down the ANH and ROTJ ones.
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    JT, I know what those Insiders are like, I've got 6 from a '94/'95 subscription and the last one I got was the first one with the '95 toys. I liked the way they displayed the micro-machines in the pictures, took forever for them to send my Sarlacc and Dagobah sets when I ordered from one of the insiders.
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    Hee hee, look how much they've changed. oh wait, that's sad 'cause they still suck only now there's no MMs.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Thumbs up malcom's paris arrived a-ok!

    thanx for snaggin' this for moi! it is tres' chic!

    the phillip glass post card is hanging very prominently on my office wall!

    i like the custom logo as well. when i get my scanner back up and running, it may veddy well become my new avatar, just as you drew it

    i know i owe you an id4 alien star fighter for b'jr, and as soon as i get my sorry butt back into gear and over to the po, i'll get it out, but i have a naggin' suspicion that i'm supposd to be sending you something else, and i can't quite seem to remember what it is

    thanx again!

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    Thumbs up confirmed dee2: "big frito"'s all yours

    after all, b'jr & i still kinda owe you, & besides trading away display was only a fallback plan for gettin rid of it in case you didn't happen to need it meanwhile, if i can't make that accessory trade maybe i'll just go execute my karmic mandate & quietly Take what i seek from no-good walmart's stash heck, it's how i got my af sithbike & centauri destroyer: someone had opened the pkgs (& /or the bubbles had come unglued from the cards), and someone else had already taken other items from the pkgs, so since the pkgs were already incomplete, i helped meself to abovementioned items

    jt: yeah, even though some're all cannibalized to hell there's still plenty of interest eh? to save weight & redundancy, i figured you wouldn't want most of the middle insider/communicator merch catalogs so removed them, but i left That one since it did highlight mms so prominently
    ironic that the only Recent mms were dooku's ds hologram (enclosed w/r2q5) and jorg sacul-enclosed xwing (wouldn't mind havin his helmet, it looks like a ywing pilot's )
    payplah quextion: if i upgrade to business or premier in order to accept swaffy's payment, are there any fees (annual or whatnot) besides the cut they take from cc payments?

    gsj: d.i.d. reminds me of french new wave, it plays good w/racecar cue from francis lai's A Man & A Woman score glad you like glasscard, i was gonna send a printup of my amazon Paris review but couldn't find it in time; i have since so i'll wrap it protectively around your upcoming mini-t16 (since dc's indicated he doesn't need it)
    i'm surprised that comin from 3 generations of designers the logo hadn't already occured all obvious-like to One of yous spekin of which, another relevance is its "3 nested generations" implication (gramps, father, son)
    i think bc3 was gonna send you an xtra gian speeder for b'jr, maybe that's what you're forgetting? offhand i ain't sure either but no hurry so feel free takin time to remember.

    eh up bc3: your box o delights is the inner sanctum pic that most resembles my collection my mms don't stand on ceremony around here either- they're always on hot standby, ready for cafe-table deployment
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    Re: confirmed dee2: "big frito"'s all yours

    Originally posted by vulcantouch

    payplah quextion: if i upgrade to business or premier in order to accept swaffy's payment, are there any fees (annual or whatnot) besides the cut they take from cc payments?
    I believe the only other charge would be if you got a PayPal debit card, in which case you'd have an annual fee. If you do a crapload of business there is probably some fee as well. I was forced to upgrade my account a few months ago for the same reason as you and am only getting charged the percentage + PayPal b/s charge for the credit card transactions.

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    If you upgrade to the minimum level to accept the payment, it's just the fee on the incoming paypal, no other fees as it stands. However, Haggie's point about the CC/Debit Card is of course in effect.

    BTW, I really dig the merch cats, so next time, if you don't wanna keep 'em, I dig having those.

    The X-wing still has the '93 GTI copyright markings on the insides of the wings, but is made of a rubbery material. The helmet is identical in design to the Porkins/Wedge/Luke X-wing helmet, except it's molded in opaque white plastic and has different markings.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I sent out the episode 1 Micros today. I've been very busy starting a new job and finally found some time to send you the Micros. You'll be receiving 2 each of collection XI (Republic Cruiser) and XII (Ratts Tyerell's Pod Racer & Royal Starship). I also sent one collection XIII, Naboo soldiers. If anyone needs any ships from these collections let VT know so he can disperse them to fellow forrumers.

    Darth Carlos

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    Thumbs up kapla 2 jt & haggerty for paypla hedz-up

    dc: okeydakey, i'll keep eyes peeled i've been ready to send your control ship but i'm still waiting (above) to hear what else i may be able to enclose for you, so lmk at your leisure

    ar2: you need them naboo soldiers dc is sending me? i'll save em for you unless i hear you don't

    jt: glad you diggin pkg, lmk if you want me keep eyes peeled for anh & rotj sketchbooks- max price/min condition etc

    gsj: re above quextion, i think maybe you were also gonna enclose xtra voy shuttle you got when you scored the kaztorp/array set? other than that & via-bc3 gian speeder i can't think of anything btw i enclosed pg card not just cuz it fit but cuz in that pic he's kinda ghoulish-lookin & kinda resembles similarly-ghouish-lookin serge gainsbourg, to whom malcolm's album makes nod
    baggin for me: portishead Dummy cd (for its john barryesque "sour times" cymbalom song) for $2
    spekin of baggin, jb & gainsbourg had 60's galpal jane birkin in common


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