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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Hey VT

    I sent that Gian Speeder off to Jeddah a few weeks ago now.



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    VT, re: paypal service fee....
    I snagged an extra die-cast trade fed droid fighter & die-cast royal starship at KayBee today for mui el-cheapo. Would either of these be of interest to you / I could drop-ship to 3rd party to settle any of your other deals? If not, no problem at all. After all, the thrill is in the hunt!
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    re: Barry CD

    VT, It is up to $8.00...
    how are you feeling about the price? I can still get it, if you wish.
    - Swaffy
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    hey, VT, you ever receive that john barry CD from california? Shoulda arrived early last week.
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    just to keep the cross-thread posting theme going...

    VT, I'm glad it arrived ok, and that you're enjoying the tracks.
    I'll leave feedback to the seller. Maybe those 'love at first hear' tracks will inspire another mixtape, nudge nudge.
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Well......that was sooner than anticipated...

    VT's megapackage pour moi est arrivé ce matin!

    Imagine my suprise when I was greeted at 7.30am with the ugly (and possibly hirsute) mug of Frida Kalho glaring at me It coulda been worse, you could've decorated it with some of her artwork - of her giving birth to herself.... A maelstrom of stamps and colour papered the box which was big, and reassuringly heavy.

    God, today dragged at work, clock watching for 5.30 so I could come home and delve into my goodies

    VT had sent me strict instructions to listen to Timmers mixtape whilst I browsed the contents but as I am still sans tape player, I had to make do with reading the inlay and impressive faux reviews

    I took R2-Q5 and R2 holo-leia to work to be displayed on my desk and ogled at. I am so used to seeing the banner-pic of Holo Leia with the 'beam' coming from R2s HP, I thought the figure came with that. When I saw it was on a POTF card I was further confused....Hasbro...Wtf?

    I also took the fantastic cinefantastique issue from 1978 to work and have spent most of the day surreptitiously reading it, obscuring it from any prying eyes with work papers . I haven't been able to put it down and there are some good reference pics for the CE3K UFOs - this is one of the most cherished things in that package! In fact pages 47-51 (centre pages) are missing and I am so impressed with the issue, I wondered if there was any likelihood of being able to pick up another copy somewhere in the world....?

    With all those POTJ figures I was shocked - I didn't realise how many I'd said yes too .

    My favourite things are;

    Voyager MM - I thought this was bust.....? I got its nippelles work fine Thanks GSJ
    Sw cards - vintage cards which were a lot more than I anticipated. I was 5 years old again and could almost smell the gum that used to come with these (and stick to the first card). Thanks for these. I love em.
    6" R5-D4 - I love the R-series of droids and have searched for this so many times. I love it so much, and have got a place for him next to my Electro-R2. It's a crying shame that Haribo candy-coated R2-A6's dome with a shiny chrome finish or he could be in the line-up too.
    AMT Defiant Model kit - at last, I'll have a nice big Defiant model. I'm going to wait until we move before I start this and I may use lights to complete its coolness. I'd love an MM of it too
    Mega Droideka - How this wasn't a screaming sell-out I'll never know. I never even saw it in the UK. I love it, I just wish I could get the arms to go in far enough. Thanks R2 for picking this up 4 me, droideka's have now gone up into my coolness category
    E-wing & Lars BP - out of relief more than appreciation of the actual molds. I didn't realise Lars speeder had a transparent windscreen. I may paint it black. A special bonus is tjhe Eg-6 power droid, it's charming! The E-wing is a strange thing because of it's lack of features and one of my pet-AF-peeves is when 'they' use the wings as landing gear. I know the wings on the E are too thin to retract landing gear into, but I think wing skids = naff, is all (although not as bad as the corvette or b-wing). The R7 unit looks like an R6 on the pic and a squashed R2 in the flesh. I was expecting the evil-eyed vulky/Xanthra (just kiddin ) R7 from the Essential Guide to droids. I am very glad to have this at long last as I didn't like to miss out on the Rebel stuff.
    Rebel pilots for Ten Nunb
    Cinefantastique special on CE3K. This is going to be as valuable a prop-building resource as the SW Chronicles book is for me. It is just sublime, exquisite, delicieuse!!!

    VT, you've made my day

    Oh, and there was some sheeet for BC3 which I tossed out cos it wasn't for me

    edit: just call me Captain Typo
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    i had sent my busted nipplette voyager off to rocky mountain high land.....

    where it was gracioualy exchanged with a minty fresh one, courtesy of vt and b'jr!

    and with the arrival of the e-wing, our transaction for the epic sets have now been concluded!

    enjoy! skip work tomorrow, stay home and play with all your new toys dear!



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    Cool My current wish list? Can Anyone help?

    I am currently looking for two Star Wars Battle Packs #17, not really looking for mint package, I am mostly looking for two scout troopers on speeder bike.
    Also, looking for one Lars Family speeder Battle Pack. Can anyone help? Please let me know.

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    You may not want to even bother with the Lars BP unless you really want the figs cause you'll be able to get the rehash in a few months at Target.

    #17 is pretty scarce. You can nab one on eBay for about $10. One shows up about every week or two.

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    roger, bc3; your stuff should arrive in a few days :)

    i hope you haven't moved in the last coupla months, cuz i pre-addressed your pkg (so plz notify jdah if you have moved ). spekin of yer pkg:
    jdah: i trust you know enough to Seal bc3's box (left open for custom inspection) before shipping? while i'm beatin yer brow, HURRY THE HELL UP & GET A DAMN TAPEPLAYER ALREADY! i gave ya all this time, so go mug an old lady for her walkman if you have to i'll have your thoughts on it within One Week or i'm doubling your fee
    and answer my whoquextions while yer at it
    did you notice hole on r5d4's top? is something supposed to go there? had i noticed it when i bought, i wouldn'ta known what to look for anyway (12" figs & their accessories were stored separately at pawnshop where i got it). if you can find out lmk & maybe i can go back & find.

    "sooner than anticipated"
    -yeah, i hadda feelin it would get there quicker this time, not bein holiday season etc. i trust my "happy birthday you IDIOT" mssg helped spare any exhorbitant import duties?

    "the ugly (and possibly hirsute) mug of Frida"
    -hirsute indeed, but i always considered her a handsome woman meself we'll see what you think when salma hayek plays her in biopic comin out (finally) this fall

    "coulda been worse, you could've decorated it with some of her artwork"
    -hmm, i woulda figured that with your taste for symbolic, psychomystical dramatics you might dig her stuff

    "any likelihood of being able to pick up another copy"
    -ebay auctions? websites that sell back issue mags?

    "I'd love an MM of (defiant)"
    -b'jr Might trade you one of his for your ent-a; otherwise i'm at a loss

    "Rebel pilots for Ten Nunb"
    -if that's the only fig you wanted from it you shoulda skipped it & concentrated on targ-exclusive bwing cuz it came w/exact same fig (only diff is diff-colored chestplate buttons)

    "evil-eyed vulky/Xanthra R7 from the Essential Guide"
    -anyone got a pic of this so i can see what jdah means?

    "My favourite things are"
    -what, no theed queen mention?
    so, izzat all you got to say about your pkg? you like it better or worse than dec 99 pkg?

    swaffy: "another mixtape, nudge nudge"
    -my compliments on your clever scheme to make me feel obliged to make you another mixtape, if that was your plan; i've already started listin candidate trax for swaftape #2 (of course, if i already shot my best wad, you know it'd Never be as good as the first one, right?
    sigh, a plugged-in connoisseur's work is never done if you can't eventually find no one to pawn them dcs off on, i'll try to help
    notice to s43, dc & anyone else i'm tradin with: i'm hopin to get your pkgs off before months end so as to evade postal rate hike, so plz answer any of my remaining trade quextions Before then!
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