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    Lightbulb never heard back from jakey..........

    sooooo's when he do come a callin, i'll jes make like ms. warwick and walk on by...jes jes jes.....walk on by......

    outstanding! how doooo you do it? btw, is the alpha b, in your eye's as boring as ya thought, or do ya kinda dig it? i was lookin at masons this morning, and decided that i kinda like the food processor it's got for an engine!

    as fer the bab 5, ..............sold to the language thrashing, transplanted new yawka, with the respectable lookin family from miama beectch! (1/3 the usual yield? on some auctions it's a 1/4!)

    i hope ya wondered past intergalactic trading's booth, (the boys who only have mint ) and gave em an honorary bronx cheer ( pppppffffftttttttt )

    nobody, but nobody can do the thang like you do!

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    Post wrapup/acknowleding swaffy's & gsj's claims :)

    gsj: all b5mm 1-4 pax were the inexplicable price of $25, so i left em right where they lay no green awings, so if grif agrees, go ahead & send him your o-o-p green a-wing. then, in return for the $$ he paid for it, i will send you all nine b5mms from pax 1, 2 and 4 (o-o-p); b'jr has graciously agreed to turn over one of each in exchange for the leftover afs i got him friday (above) this will yield you all ships from b5 1-5 in one swoop; now, as with the kaztorp/array that eluded your stmm collection til recently, all you'll need is the last pak (#6)
    b'jr'd actually been loaning me his alpha bwing for the last coupla weeks, so i'd been contemplating its desirableness/lameness quotient for some time. though i too agree the "quisinart cam"'s the focus of its appeal, let's just say i don't expect it'll be seeing much rotation on vt's playlist ;P alpha cc, on other hand, is quite adequate- provided the underside remains out of view, that is. what a bloated, boat-like, unrefined, unintriguing underhull this thing has; i feel like pressing something hot against it to push it in
    maquis quicksnap model in a beat-up box (but undamaged contents), $2
    also bagged the previously-reported $5 minmp af trade fed droid control ship
    also an o-o-p dc repcruiser in great shape, $2
    say so here asap if y'all want any of above, otherwise b'jr'll take possesion of them.
    b'jr found o-o-p dc aat and rss for $3 each he also scored his own b5 #5 set for $30, his second. same scalper was selling an le3 set, opened and Missing ent-e, voyager, voy shuttle and obsidian yet was Still $100 i offered him trade items that cost me a total of $22.50 (abovementioned ree-yees and momc r2 hoeia), and when he declined i walked away
    finally, since no one here claimed, another buyer got the above-reported $35 playmates ent-e w/captyacht "mm"-
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    oh my gawd! OH MY GAWD!

    OH MY GAWD! OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!

    I need a cigarette after that!

    tawk bout' some big time karma! your scores are beyond legendary, they're mythical! bab 5 1-5 without breakin' a sweat! i'm stunned!

    in return i will be puttin' together a special delivery of some more st dupes in your direction.

    grif has responded and agreed to my offer of the two green -awings along with the open battle pack w/ ig88.

    if anyone needs me, i'll be at the post office

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    re: acknowleding swaffy's & gsj's claims

    VT - thanks for the acknowledgment. As soon as you a confirm a total including shipping, I'll paypal the $8.30+.
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    Arrow swaffy's total incl. shipping: $8.30 :)

    after all, he Did overpay last time meanwhile swaffy, to Flamingly answer mixtape quextion, see aug 29 post above i guess your attached files aren't working properly on my end. oh well, feel free to describe what i'm missing
    jdah: your cap just arrived, looks a-ok so now, along with your r2q5, your package is COMPLETE AND READY FOR SHIPPING, save for the completion of timminator's mixtape. so i'll tell you what: i'll wait until you've mailed My package before finishing the mixtape & mailing yours. after all, fair's fair, right? besides, there's gotta be Something that'll motivate you to send my pkg already; i Would like my stuff to arrive by December and no fair cheating by sending airmail either, cuz I AIN'T PAYIN FOR THAT ) btw, you Still haven't answered my commpack question (aug 24 post above) Or whether you want air or seamail. re whether you want the mm neimodian figures, too late- you left that one without an answer too long, so i gave em to b'jr
    gsj: similarly, your package is also ready to ship except for awaiting-completion mixtape your current total is $25 plus whatever xtra sfmms you're trading me (no hurry on those, feel free to continue to amass & send all at once later your current contents are:
    -b5 #s 3 & 5 mm 3pax
    -9 o-o-p b5 singles from mm 3-pax 1, 2 & 4
    -o-o-p queenship mm
    -dc snowspeeder
    also, until i hear otherwise i will assume our FOUR-way "grif deal" is a go. to recap:
    -gsj sends bp/awings to grif;
    -grif sent $$ to me;
    -i gave alpha xtras to b'jr;
    -and b'jr turns over abovementioned b5 singles to gsj
    meanwhile, i will send out grif's awing same time as i mail swaffy's, sometime in next coupla days

    LAST CALL ON FOLLOWING CON-BAGGED ITEMS- claim em asap or they're b'jr's:
    -$5 minmp af tf droid control ship
    -$6 o-o-p dc sithinf
    -$2 o-o-p dc repcruiser
    -$2 maquis quiksnap model (if he wants, bc3 may have this gratis since i kinda owe him )
    np: carly, "i'm so vain"
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    whoo hooo!

    i'm still in euphoric shock over the bab 5 fleet that will be wingin' it's way in my direction!

    grif's package got mailed to him today. as of his last communicae, he was a go on my substitution's to cover the green a-wing.

    how do i only owe ya $25.00? if i recall, bab 5 #3 was $5.00, bab 5 #5 was $25, and dc snowspeeder was $4.95 (or something like that)

    any st mm's i send ya, i figure i owe ya anyway for my mix tape (i know ya didn't jes stick a bunch o cd's in the changer , and hit shuffle!)

    anyway, confirm here the total, and i'll wing a paypally in your direction within the week. (i'm expectin a paypal reimbursement in this time frame from the uk lord of the rings collector for items i have procured on his behalf, lessen o' course he changes his mind and sends me the ep I sets 12 and 13 as i have suggested in lieu of cash )
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    die cast please:)

    VT, if no one else claims the $6 o-o-p dc sithinf
    and the -$2 o-o-p dc repcruiser, I'd love to have them!!
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    VT: If [$5 minmp af tf droid control ship] is still available, I need it loose. If you have it and if you haven't shipped out the package, you can open it up and ship it loose to save a slight bit on shipping and I'll paypal ya another 5.00. LMK.


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    dunno if this is a good deal, but...

    I saw this on eBay & thought I'd share it with the group...
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Thumbs up acknowledging r2's & shinky's claims :)

    sure shinky, just palpay me another $5, sounds fine thanx for permission to remove it from pkg, in fact that Did help it fit and might another fs rendez be in our near future, r2?
    as of today, swaffy's AFerengi, griffy's awing and shinky's multi-item pkg are on their way
    gsj: i don't recall the specifics offhand, but i do recall that i felt like i'd finally evened the score only when i'd gotten you the dc snowspeeder, so that & all that came before it don't count, so confirmed total is $25
    use the shuffle function? how uncivilized That would be
    np: mazzy, "ride it on"


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