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    BP PIC ....just in case anyone needs to see which one Sakay is talking about
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    Red face Re: woops , almost forgotted

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    "evil-eyed vulky/Xanthra R7 from the Essential Guide"
    -anyone got a pic of this so i can see what jdah means?

    Found this and thought of you/Xuff :P

    R7 series astromech Although I have nuthin' but luuuurve 4 ya, I really loathe this desgin, that no-good rearranger liberty-taker, Doug Chiang probably had something to do with it I wish the odious little mullet would stay away from the astromechs.....


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    Delta Flyer

    Just wanted to inform you that I went to put the new Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments in lay-away yesterday (E2 ornaments and the NX-01 are gonna be October debuts) and the Delta Flyer is very nice and could be passed off as X-Ray/Die-Cast scale. I'd say it's a little bigger than Die-Cast scale, and a little too small (smaller than the AF Cloud Car and even the Innerspace 1701-D Shuttle) to pass as AF scale. It's electronic and is $24, so if you got it then you'd have to pull out the cord that goes to the X-Mas tree lights since they didn't use batteries like they have been with other ornaments.
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    Re: My current wish list? Can Anyone help?

    Originally posted by Sakay
    I am currently looking for two Star Wars Battle Packs #17, not really looking for mint package, I am mostly looking for two scout troopers on speeder bike.
    Hey, Sakay. You should email the winner of this auction when it ends (or you could even buy the lot yourslef since you do so many customs). This seller has a ton of those Scout Troopers on speeder bikes and since there are so many of them the buyer may be willing to give up what you need for cheap.

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    during this weekend's sidewalk sale, tc's offering $2 manga issues: anh #3, esb #2 & 4 and rotj #3. if interested say so here asap in case i head back to that area tomorrow morning to hit dpl's annual blowout
    speakin of books, i scored me the wilde album for $2 and penn & teller's How To Play With Your Food at a yard sale for $0.25

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    at dpl sale: Tales Of The Empire and Hard Merchandise aka bounty hunter wars book 3 (scored books 1&2 at a yard sale several months back, so now i got the whole saga; both these books feature fett on their covers so hadda get ), $0.50 each also for $.50, another garak Stitch In Time memoir, this one for b'jr cuz he's liked excerpts i've read to him. also sc Art Of Ep1 cuz it was $1.50, even though i couldn't think of anyone who'd want it who didn't already have it. afterwards i went to fs to relax & rehydrate, and the bartender (with whom i'd had an unexpected, sw/trek-themed chat sunday at a bon-voyage party for fs's longest-employed waitress who's joining the peace corps & headed to morocco) had a printup of a cgi spaceship he'd designed waiting for me, so i gave him the Art Of Ep1 book to reciprocate which he dug, & it saved me the trouble of luggin it back downstairs
    also bagged a new $2 Glass Cage (as in philip & john) cd along with 3 used $1 cds: The Insider score, an non-score album by flim composer michael nyman and a portugal house comp
    btw, as of yesterday three of those tc sidewalk-sale mangas were still there, but they were kinda hidden like maybe someone was trying to reserve em and sunday, dpl's sale goes into hypersavings (a whole baggo boox for a few bux) to spare volunteers the trouble of re-packin everything, so denverites might wanna hit it

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    Thumbs up confirming today's launches: gsj, jg, s43, jonboy

    (amazing that i actually got around to this in the midst of my non-stop, cafe-slummin summer idyll :happy: )

    gsj: mini-t16's taken flight don't forget to save me bc3-sent gian speeder, xtra voy shuttle &. . . What am i forgetting??

    jg: af cloudcar pilot & mm hantina figure en route via airmail (in this case it was the cheapest option )

    s43: 6 gv ships & 2 afalien stands in your lap afore you know it seeing as how there's no mon remonda in this shipment (since you Forgot to bid on incomplete 4 & 6 epics- D'OH! ), but there will be 3 more gvs than we originally negotiated, be in touch re revising our trade agreement ("and now viceroy, we will sign a New treaty" )

    jonboy: 3 figures & 2 accessories headed your way

    all: lmk when they arrive & if all a-ok
    still waiting for address confirmation from dc before sending his stuff-

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    Question bc3 sent gian speeder?

    i'm not aware of any gian speeder in my poss. that was sent to me by britcit.

    you sure i'm supposed ti have it?

    aside from the voyager shuttle, i believe i'm to send you an id4 alien attack ship.

    i was in the loooooong drawn out process of making you a new mix tape, cause i uncovered a box of lost cd's i hadn't seen since i moved to fla, and there's a wealth of music i wish to share!:happy:

    so once i gets round to completin' mix tape deux, i will forward the kit and kaboodle your direction.

    (and hopefully the mystery of bc3's wayward speeder will be solved by then)
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Eh up

    May have sent the speeder to Jeddah for one of his trans-Atlantics.



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    But I didn't have it sent here. I've forwarded all I have (apart from the S43 stuff and Baals stuff)



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