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    When is your next Fourth Story Foray, VT? I'm actually planning on being at the Tattered Cover tomorrow with my hubby, but know that is not your usual visitation time.

    I have a feeling it's on the 13th, right? If so I doubt if I can make it up there in time, but I might give it a try
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    Great, thanks very much VT. The paypal payment will be sent momentarily. I'm very happy to get the Droid Control Ship out of the way. I have all the EP1 AFs boxed, but I still need the Gungan Sub, Flash Speeder, Alpha Droid Fighter, and all the Playsets loose. Thanks to you I no longer need the loose Droid Control Ship. If you see any of the others above loose or boxed at good prices please do grab them for me.

    Thanks again,

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    to VT - re: swaffy's total incl. shipping: $8.30 :)

    VT - Paypal has been completed for the Ferengi ship.

    Sorry the attached wav files aren't working for you. They are sorta my equivalent of your "np" additions, but severely limited due to the attached file size constraints. That just makes it more challenging though. Fortunately, I have a lot of wavs...
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    Hi all,

    R2 thanks for the privee, I couldn't take advantage and engage him in discussions about R5 as cash is too tight for the next few months. Thanks so much for your help X

    VT, thanks for taking charge of the cap, and the black astromech. I have no intention of using SWAF-o-post or GSJ-Mail so the shipping costs will be the cheapest - I'm not into throwing my nuggets away either - even if I have just paid 19.99 for a Hellraiser lament configuration box (it is cool tho').....

    Anyway, I'm off to locate the dispatch threads & emails to find out what I'm sending where; yes you'll be pleased to find that I am packing the stuff up today; I don't want to cart that stuff to our new house just to send it on.

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    Thumbs up confirming recv'd pmnt from the shinky/swaffy "simultaneous palpay consortium" ;)

    indeed jdah, your news Does pleeez meanwhile, i'll assume from your cryptic-as-usual reply that:
    -you want me to use surface shipping, and;
    -you don't want neimodian mm figures, and;
    -it's ok w/you if i examine your k3 commpack
    r2: yep, i'm afraid i was otherwise engaged yesterday, attending the Headache-Loud wedding reception of some Distant relative i never knew i had; to make matters worse, at the ceremony "endless love" was sung, during which i could feel my blood congeal into sickeningly-sweet syrup (do walkman hedphones clash w/formalwear? maybe i should ask the secret service- or agent smith from Matrix ) on the plus side, it was held in a fascinating, VaulTed, modernist pre-cast-concrete worshiphaus embedded w/abstract stained glass strips; also, my unerring fashion instinct correctly predicted that the color d'jour would be VioleT- i'd happened to pick out a purple silk shoit i don't spose hubby could make this thursday? :\
    re this thursday: ordinarily it Would be my tea day, but at the moment it's up in the air cuz, once every spring & fall, when the aft temps are Just right, i make an exception to my schedule and do the tea thing at some yet-to-be-determined outdoor venue instead. otherwise, i feel silly & restless up there in that hermetic perch when i could be outside amongst the perfection current forecast is an on-target 75f, but if the day turns out differently (hotter or colder), i can be counted on to stick to my usual otherwise, no problemo, i'm sure a convenient time'll fall into our laps, i'm in no hurry if you ain't
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    FINE open that albinocol droid......

    ....if you want to ruin my childish joys at being the first to open

    as far as the Neimoidians, thanks but no thanks. things'll be different if they bring out a Lot Dodd 3.75" er tho'

    and yes, cheapest shipping please.........

    (whaddaya mean cryptic? You don't like cryptic? In any case I had just larfed reading your beratement of GSJ for his mailing choices in another thread and it tickled me so much I thought I'd include it... )


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    Thumbs up confrimed ok to ruin childhood joys, roger ;)

    who sez i didn't Like cryptic?
    roger on the cheapest shipping, that's a good lass, learned yer lesson have ye

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    bu**er off ya cheeky swine

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    i myself was at a weddin' this weekend up in the city o' brotherly love........

    it was my nephew's weddin' day, and the just married couple's 1st dance was .............................................endle ss love (sheeesh, all those years of trying to git jeff to appreciate the subtle sounds of the new yawk dolls down the drain!), i share the same sentiments with you vt, on that bane of a song.

    as fer the amount i owe's ya, i'll have to take your woid on it. i thought we wuz square before the dc speeder, but that' ok, i hope to be sendin' you some st stuff in the near futcha' to more than take care of it as far as i'm conceoined!

    and speakin' o' shipments, yous gonna let jeddah ship sumthing direct to you, without it having to make wayward stops to pick up micro stragglers along da way?

    the next thing ya know, you'll be allowing dese things to come to ya by means o' flying machines!
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    VT - pkg rcvd

    VT, just a quick note to say I received the ferengi ship in perfect condition today. Thanks much. Back to CNN.
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