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    they just don't get much press

    it's funny how those new ( ) battlepacks ain't generatin' too much interest. as of the moment, they is the only way one can get any kind of action fleet figures.

    i'v been seein' em fer about 2 month now, i picked up one of each, only so's the cash register can ring up a caching for the micro machines cause. other than that......yawn. not really anything interesting to say about em.

    now if only hasbro would come out with a battle pack of about 10 or so clone troopers contined within, that would generate a bit of happiness don'cha think?
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    VT, it was posted in another thread, but it doesn't hurt to mention it again I put up comparison pics HERE

    BTW, my webpage will be moving AGAIN. My benofactor is moving onto other things, so I am looking into alternatives. I'll let you know where I go so you can still visit your little
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    Red face time 2 dust off my emily littella impression ;P

    silly me, i thought just cuz i sighted em during a blizzard it might mean somethin ( i stopped in hopin to score me a $3 clonepilot, no such luck )
    not generatin much interest gsj? funny, i was just gonna say that a hopeful note's that maybe, even though i don't hit stores every other day like Some of you nutjobs i could name ( ) if they've been out this long & i've only now seen em for the 1st time maybe that means they been sellin like shotcakes which would portend well for a revival?
    meanwhile b'jr & i finally bagged that $15 vintage cloud car i reported above; even tho he's real broke these days (let's just say his new gal's "high-maintenence" ), once he saw it he just couldn't risk lettin such a good bargain slip by meanwhile i scored me edouard roditi's pioneering 1947 litcrit study of oscar wilde for $4
    p.s. to r2: darn it, i shoulda suggested an fs rendez this last thursday cuz it was gray & snowy all afternoon- Perfect for booth seating which i know you been wantin to try for what it's worth, i haven't forgotten & thanx for webpage hedz-up
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    Fans of the Die-Cast models, I highly advise you to get the NX-01 and Slave 1 Hallmark ornaments. They're made of die-cast metal!!! And they're above die-cast scale but below Action Fleet, well actually the Slave 1 I think is about the size of the Cloud Car and the NX-01 is about the length and such of the Gian Speeder but considering the details on these, they're well worth it! One thing you might want to do is since they came out in October, they should be around till after Christmas which you can get them for half-off. (NX-01'll $12 and not sure how much the Slave 1 will be)

    If I get my digital camera stuff reinstalled I'll take pictures.
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    Question anyone around here interested in these?

    at 68&fed goodwill: var. cheaply-made but unopened knockoffs of combaticons, protectobots & other transformers i don't recognize, $1.49-$8.99
    yetsterday brother tells me he's gonna snag The dvd 1st day of release. i tells him about tru's 1/2 price sale and he just shrugs; apparently he Likes paying full price?? so since i was in the area of the ig88th & sheridan tru i goes in & grabs him one just to win the argument (also spot a clone pilot figure all the obvious, overaged fanboys nearby haven't, but since tru doesn't price-match target's current $3 sale w/out printed proof i do what my huntgut sez which is Leave It Right There for said boys to scrounge over ). only later do i realize snagged dvd's a Fullscreen version! who knew there was a damn diff? if dvd's a digital medium why shouldn't full or wide be a play option On The Same Disc, just like multi-language subtitling or commentary audio tracks?? so i calls & finds out they'll happily exchange it, except for one thing: they sold outta wides early dat mornin at least i was foresighted enough to grab a flyer at the door which i can now take to kmarket, bust buy, wailmart & or other price-matcher-w/printed-proofer, thereby snaggin wide for 1/2 price, and then return the full to tru 4 refund at my leisure
    oh btw, that tru is also currently outta silver r2s in case anyone wonders

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    THANKS! The Trade Federation Control Ship looks just like a Micro vehicle (sweeet!). Sebulba's Pod looks cool too. Thanks again!!

    Darth Carlos

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    Just about any place you can think of will let you swap without a receipt. They don't care as long as your are trading for store credit or ewual value on the spot. You could take it to WalMart and just tell them you bought the Full Screen but want the Wide Screen and they wont give you any hassle (just don't tell them you bought it at TRU).

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    There can be only one...

    Nice name, buddy!
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    haggis?! Hmmmm... all lowercase too. Ah, but my nickname comes from my last name, Haggstrom, not from a disgusting form of nourishment. Fortunately, people probably won't confuse us because of my oh so subtle Bill the Cat avatar.

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    Red face quoth scooty: "aye, the haggies're in the fire for sure now laddies"

    which raises the inevitable quextion: what would scotty say if he were aussie instead of scottish? that's easy: "eat a choy, eat a choy mayte"
    btw haggiEEE, that goodwill nearest you (38 & wads) also has the prev-mentioned transfakers in case interested; in lieu of asian-issue zoids you axed me to find?
    thanx for tips, but couldn't've xchanged dvd anywhere xcept tru cuz it had a tru sticker over the gold label outside the shrinkwrap, so if you removed tru sticker it would damage the gold label. (other stores also placed store-specific stickers over gold label, perhaps to discourage such "interstore-swapping"?). anyhoo i scored the wide dvd for tru price and can now return fullscr at my leasure and once again huntgut steered me right: 2day scored clone pilot at westland lame-art for the $3 unadvertised targ price (attempting this yourself is not recommended unless you've mastered that "look of persuasion" spock used on the native chik in "omega glory" ) i think i like red cloney's body better though so i was thinkin of boil&poppin pilot's head onto red's body. but i notice pilot's neck is thicker to accomodate balljoint, so does anyone here happen to know if their neckjoints are compatible (or able to be made so w/minimum fuss)? if not, maybe i should axe over on the custom forum, eh jt?
    another thing i sighted of likely interest here, at westland targ: some hotwheels-wannabe label called "johnny lightning" (which i think you're supposed to pronounce zap brannigan style: "Jyaaahnnay Lied-ning" ) has released an admirably-detailed hotwheels-scale dc of Back To The Future's time-souped delorean, packaged w/doc's lame truck, a backdrop and lame minifigs of doc, twitchy-boy and doggy for $8. which gives me an idear: hey hodude, wanna go halvsies on one of these? i get the time-dmc, and you get the truck & figs? get a peek at em sometime & lmk
    dc: whew, started to wonder if they got to ya ok
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