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    Thumbs up ok swaffy,

    . . . now that you got all five, i imagine all the SWAF-HUGGIN BABIES here'll hope to see a strkeforce critique from you shortly
    r2: in case it helps, so far it looks like this thursday's a go.
    not just cuz the weather won't be ideal, but also cuz i think it's important to stick to Some routines this week i'll try to remember to bring dcs in case you show, no sweat if you don't, we'll hook up another time but if you do show tomorrow, you can gimme a nice smack on behalf of everyone here for my "going to war" thred jokes
    gsj: stragglers? ?como? if you mean can jdah ship stuff to me for forwarding onto you, ok by me
    jdah: all i did was slit the section of bubble that held the commpack, took it out, examined it & put it back, no problemo so, as southpark's saddam hussein to said to baal: "hey u need 2 relax, guy"

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    Thumbs up recv'd confirm of gsj's palpaying, thanx :)

    "yous gonna let jeddah ship sumthing direct to you, without it having to make wayward stops to pick up micro stragglers along da way? the next thing ya know, you'll be allowing dese things to come to ya by means o' flying machines!"
    -whaaaa?? i'm afraid you lostededed me :\ anyhoo, i'll try to expedite yer mixtape now that weather's turnin colder, if i remember correctly it's the only thing holding up yer pkg so far. speaking of which: i'm gonna use the box you last sent me, which was the last one i sent you (w/louise nevelson stamps, remember?). i wonder, is this box gonna become like the decades-long practical joke that went on between grace kelly and her Swan co-star alec guiness? (every few years, one or the other would arrange to have the same toy tomohawk placed under the pillow in whatever hotel the other happened to be staying at the time. strikes me as a very british sense of humor, no? )
    not much, but: out on a run, b'jr & i came across a complete galaxy death star/vader med chamber he took a liking to. i told him to hold off cuz i could find it cheaper; a few days later i got it for $2
    in a thrift store i found a chewed-up alpha tyderium in a bag of random toys. didn't buy it or anything just mentioning cuz i never before came across an alpha in such a context.
    finally, at a yard sale i got the first two novels of "the bounty hunter wars (Mandalorian Armor and Slave Ship) for $.50 each i'm kinda eager to get into em, but i think i'll wait til i can score the third under similar terms. i got plenty of other books to read in the meantime, incl. the Dominion War books 2 & 4 and of course the DS9 Companion
    btw r2, so far i'm on for next thursday if that's any good for you (especially if temp's anything like 2day; glad i sunned myself while i could ) ; you bring your cam (again) & i'll bring yer diecasts & my best "zoolander" pose
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    thanx to ssg news reports, i knew enough to stopped by walmart 2day, & bagged duros on sale for $5 they also had shmi, ketwol, bespgaurd, sabe etc. anyhoo i've already put his gun in 300fett's holster (upside down, so it looks like a commlink or grenade), and given duros one of the honker guns that came with a jawa that came with my gonk duros & barquin are so far the only 2 organic aliens i've deigned to add to my figure collection.
    at tc i also found Writings On Glass; Essays, Interviews & Criticism for $3 (and i hand't even known this existed!) and Knowing The Score (about filmmusic) for $3 too
    speaking of tc, r2: haven't heard back from u about metting there tomorrow, so i hope i don't upset any intention by saying tomorrow's kinda up in the air (it might be Just warm enough to take tea outside, in which case i'd opt for any of a dozen venues offering that instead). if you'd planned on coming up though, lmk (post here by tomorrow morning) & i'll lock fs in
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    VT, you didn't get my private email? I am planning on making the meeting this afternoon at in hand
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    Red face ah, my mistake; i don't check That mailbox so often :o

    before meeting r2 at fs, i found me a hardcover uk edition of the SE Empire script (with Lotsa great flikpix) downstairs at tc for olny $11 meanwhile, upstairs fs was participating in that "dine out to help out" thing they had goin for 9-11's 1-month anniversary. imagine that: vt, Patriot- just fer sittin on his can & stuffin his face
    can i just have a simple meeting w/r2? oh NOOOO. once again she ambush-bests me; here i think i'm gonna simply remand some diecasts to her, but instead she also gots things 4me claiming to be prunin her stash, she turns over 2me gratis a box of ent-d blueprints which look mucho cool i've been thinkin though: with r2's blessing, if anyone here wants these, say so, and after i get a chance to look thru em for myself, i'll send em to you for shipping cost (bookrate oughta keep it under $2 domestic ). first come first served
    she also gave me a coupla applause mm-type danglers she got from helping out ssg at alphacon; y-wing and isd which, in case you aren't familiar, are kinda like sculpt variants of the mms hmm, i gots me aNOTHER idear: didn't gsj say the applause droid fighter dangler has separated wings? ok, again with r2's blessing, if anyone has one of those he wants to trade, i'll give him Both of these for it; otherwise i'll donate em to b'jr's collective
    a nice, wide-ranging conversation about all you crazy bums, recent events etc. a gauzy, lenticulus-dappled sky and turning trees graced our visit, and we sat at table 50 this time instead of ten. we took pix so you'll be able to see for yourself; we Think they came out ok
    around 6, she left to browse downstairs before heading home (find anythin good? ); i stayed till ~6:20 to catch the sunset thanx again r2, enjoyable as always-
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    Re: ah, my mistake; i don't check That mailbox so often :o

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    didn't gsj say the applause droid fighter dangler has separated wings?
    actually it was the hallmark keepsake. mason showed no interest in either the droid fighter or naboo fighter which came with the set (he does however, love the droid control set, and as such, has entered regular play rotation).

    as for his disinterest in the above mentioned ships, i was gonna include em in my package to you vt, as a sort of unannounced special bonus (now since i've announced it, i may have to come up with something else!)

    soooooo no trade necesarry!
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    Thumbs up saliVaTeth homer: "mmmm, control ship Donut :p--------l "

    i forGOT about that!!! in that case gsj, wanna do me another flavor? axe mason if he'd like to trade me that control ship for the danglers. not only that, "i'll even throw in a couple crullers" (rene "pabst" auberjonois to armin "herbert ross" shimerman, ds9's "far beyond the stars" ), by which i mean, axe him what other lil dealies he might want & i'll see what i can scare up blueprints maybe? like father like father's father like father's father's father like son?
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    fergeddahbhad him lettin' go of someting in his play rotation

    not gonna happen.

    tell you what though, i'll stop in at my local hallmark shoppe this weekend, and if they got anymore, ill pick one up fer ya, and b'jr too, or you could order em directly here


    if i git em, they're $14.95 + 6% tax ($15.84) apiece.
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    Red face "and i thought i was so eloquent, so persuasive"

    -dukat to kira, "return to grace"
    ok, i'll lyk maybe it's for best; a "play rotation" ship likely wouldn't be mint it's mm-sized you say? plz confirm. meanwhile, anyone get a look at that defiant/voy/ent-e 3-pack? i wonder how they hold up in person???

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    i'm guessing you never saw this thread

    my original postin's on the hallmark keepsakes

    the droid control ship is a perfect ( and i do mean perfect)mm substitute! and as i said prev. the cool thing about the keepsake, is that it is the ship with all the antennae(as opposed to the non-antennae version which was shown to be the mm one, if it was indeed actually ever made)

    the naboo, and droid fighters are unfortunately a tad bit smaller.

    the star trek ships are smaller than the mm's, and in my humble op. the only one which is detailed better than the mm's is the defiant.

    they were out of the stra trek ornaments when i was there, and only had the store display ones left. if they still have those, i'll see if i can make a deal for ya (doubtful), butcha' never know until ya try!
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