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    Thumbs up thanx for offer sicq! i'll Try to keep this simple ;)

    since i don't read french (and in the past many of moeb's stories have been translated into english), my priority is non-verbal content that hasn't been (and likely will not be) re-published in english. which means illustration collections or non-verbal stories i don't already have. good examples would be Starwatcher, Made In L.A., Venise Celeste, 2001 Apres JC, Quatre-Vingt Huit and Blueberry's but i already have those.
    since i am more aware of what Has been published in english than what has Not, getting more specific becomes difficult. however, this and this look like promising candidates other possibilities, tho i can't be sure since i can't read their descriptions:
    (but i Am curious what they are )
    i also heard there was a new, colorized edition of this which might also be cool but since i already have the blanc et noir version it's a lesser priority
    what i do Not seek are signed or limited-edition prints, folios (tho friends visiting paris did get me L'Evťnement Du Je Dis 10 years ago) or books (tho i did go for Mockba, Jeunesse Heuresse and Folles Perspectives), since their contents are often offered later in less expensive formats and so are simply not worth the money. also don't want things he only wrote but did not draw, such as this.
    other examples of what not to get would be Arizona Love, this or this because, even tho i don't have these contents, they are sequels to stories i have in english so it's possible they will eventually be published here
    price is important too, since i'm not sure what jg would think the figures i sent him are worth in euros. but used books are fine (and even preferable since they are cheaper ), as i'm not fussy about condition so long as content isn't impacted. same goes for cheapest shipping
    there are probably a number of things i don't even know about, so feel free to let me know about anything you think i might not know about. take your time seeing what kind of deals you can find, & let me know if you have any questions. meanwhile, mare-see bow-cool, what fun it must be to hunt in pareee
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    Ok VT,
    The hunt has begun.

    I will post a few scans of a few drawings from my personnal collection. Early Derelict ship concept-art for Alien and costumes and space-suits drawings. I can post them in High-Res on my FTP if you want to download them for printing.
    - "I've never understood Walt Disney".
    Howard Philip Lovecraft.

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    Alien Derelict Ship project.

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    Another work for costumes.

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    Encounter of the third kind...

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    Exclamation mon Dieu sicq, are you saying you own the Originals?!

    do the rest of you Realize what sicq's talking about?? ridley scott engaged moeb (along with giger) to design nostromo crew costume designs. i have all these pix in various books but Sicq Owns The Originals?! sacre delphine seyrig post 504 became harry dean stanton's look, and posts 505 & 507 feature the spacesuit eventually made into an mm figure for the alien playset! cool sicq, i had no idea you were such a big moebfan, you never Said anything
    btw if you end up finding more moebbooks than jg's pkg could compensate for, maybe i'll have jdah reimburse you since jdah still owes me for, as proust might put it, Remebrance Of MM Favors Past

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    No, no, no...
    These are just drawings from a Portofolio by Metal Hurlant (1979), not originals.

    Metal Hurlant (Heavy Metal) was a legend in the early seventies, this fantastic, heroic fantasy and sci-fi comics magazine was founded by Phillippe Druillet, MoŽbius, Dionnet and Farkas.
    Lots of bizarre and strange comics and stories were published in it. And lots of very well know authors : Vaugh n' Bodť, MoŽbius, Druillet, Rackham, Frazetta, Kay Nielsen, John Willie, Jeff Jones, Rolf, Carl Larson, Corben, Tardi, more, more, more...
    But what you got to know is Giger made paintings and drawings for Metal Hurlant as well as Dan O'Bannon who wrote the text of "The Long To-Morrow" by MoŽbius and Chris Foss made the artcover for Metal Hurlant nį 11. A small planet indeed. (Dan O'Bannon wrote the script of "Alien").
    All these people were friends and it's not surprising to see five of them in the casting of Alien...

    There is a smaller rťedition of "Metal Hurlant" since last year. A great news for all sci-fi and comics fans. But this modern edition is half the size and in color... In the 70' editions I discovered some of my preferred artists : Phillippe Druillet (Lone Sloane), Jean Giraud "MoŽbius", Enki Bilal (Exterminator 17) but also the sketchbooks of Christian Foss, Ronnie Cobb or Hans Rudy Giger.
    - "I've never understood Walt Disney".
    Howard Philip Lovecraft.

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    METAL HURLANT - 1975
    Artcover by Phillippe Druillet :


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