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    Titanium 5-Pack 3 (Raw Metal Falcon pack) Sticker Variation

    Eh- since I was going camera crazy tonight anyway, and since I have talked about this sticker variant, I figured I'd post the pics of it here...

    ...and yes, I shelled out more $$$ for a sealed one with the WHITE sticker...sad, eh?

    As far as rarity? It appears that they're about equal in quantity. On Hasbro's site in their archives they show the sticker highlighting the Falcon that DOES NOT have any white on it. I couldn't tell you if that makes the white one rarer.

    Enjoy, variation hunters

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    I don't know how rare that is, but it is sad that you bought another set for the sticker difference. But I would have done the same thing had I noticed it. Did you buy both pieces at the same time, or do you have a photographic memory?
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    is one the WM exclusive and the other the later release?

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    Nope- these 2 are both Wal-Mart releases, and I didn't know they released the 5-packs to other stores! Can someone confirm this?

    Otherwise, I would have never known about the variation if KidHuman- who hooked me up with my 2 first packs (one to keep, one to open)- hadn't shipped two to me at the same time. They were both different, but I REALLY wanted to open one of the packs so I chose to open the one with the white sticker based the on pics of the 5-pack on Ebay (there were TONS of the white sticker ones back then).

    Nowadays, the pack is kinda' hard to find altogether- even on Ebay- so I figured that if I am REALLY going to get EVERY significant variation in the SW TS line, I had best break down and get the 5-pack for the white sticker before they all disappear! C'est la vie

    At least I am caught up for now...and I am not looking forward to getting yet another Jango's Slave 1, which appears just to have some minor black paint swatches applied and a re-hash package

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    I don't know if they have the sticker variations, but I saw about 9 of these on a clearance shelf at one of my local Wal Marts today. I think they were $15. Lately on the clearance stuff, the prices have sometimes even come up lower than what they're marked as, when they're scanned at the register.

    Wonder how much profit margin they added by eliminating that costly extra white paint from the outline around the raw metal falcon? tho' I do like it better without the white outline. you can see more of the ship.
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    It's not white paint, you're misinterpretting what's going on, the sticker graphics haven't been changed at all, it's merely the opacity of the sticker stock they're printing it on which changed. I think they pulled this change (it's actually plastic) on a previous set as well.
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    Ah- so you're saying they printed the graphics on white plastic on one version and clear plastic on the other?

    Makes sense

    They didn't do this with any other 5-pack other than 5-Pack 3 so far. I seriously researched into Pack 1 and Pack 2 after I saw this variation, and none I saw in person or on Ebay nor anywhere else had the color change during the run of the toy except Pack 3. Pack 1 was clear from the start while Pack 2 had the white plastic.

    The only 5-Pack I didn't severely scrutinize was Pack 4, but I doubt there's a white plastic one out there simply because the details on the Raw-Metal Death Star is mroe visible with the clear plastic.

    However, if anyone has pics (or better yet- extras) of Pack 1 with White plastic or Pack 2 with clear plastic (those would be the opposites of what I have in my collection) do speak up


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