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    Post VT Bounty Hunter the Legend

    Continuing the VT the Bounty Hunter Thread ....where I posted pics of our last VTeatime, I have another page up of pictures of our VTeatime yesterday. You can see them HERE

    Thanks to VT for my AF Virago and another TIE Bomber to open The Virago was $3! How does he do it !!

    Warstar is off to Montana to go to film school. Good Luck Warstar, we'll miss seeing you, but know we'll still see you on the Forums.
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    wha'? wha' di' you say?

    Did I see K3P0 for jeddah written in your subtitle? Merci merci bien!

    That pic of Warstar, VT and WS's friend should be titled "the Stygian Witches."

    Please take more pics next time


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    geat t-shirt r2!

    more photos! just like jeddah said! we wnat more photos!

    Hey! jt and baal! where the he.........ah where the heck are your guys photos over at the forummers rogue's gallery?

    r2, i'll send you some less formal shots of me with my toys for inclusion on the page. gawd! i look like my father!

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    And how does one take a picture of the embodiment of the Force?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Red face what, you tryina say i look likea sissy in that pic, jdah?

    if so, compare&contrast w/hunter-thompsonesque machoman persona i happened to be fronting in the previous tea pix, & you'll realize you should Be so lucky as to possess my compelling, chameleonic androgyny- you'd be suprised how handy it can be from time to time
    that said, which stygian witch do i get to be? is there an edie sedgwick stygian witch? a jackie stygian witch? a parker posey one? and have you seen clockwatchers Yet??
    btw, ws' pal was known as "sherwood" here at ssg. and instead of a stygian witch, to me his pics bring to mind paul dooley's assured, superfun portrayal of enabran tain
    "no wonder the romulans can't conquer the galaxy: no one can stomach their cuisine" -tain (sipping a romulan ale), ds9's "the die is cast"
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    Red face

    .....Of course not dear, I would take it as a compliment - but if you must be a *specific* witch, you can be the one with the eye.

    The old stygian witches were very wise ol wimmin that lived up in teh caves of Ancient Greece, overlooking the Aegean; They shared an eyball for sight and were cannibals. There is a representation of them in Clash of the Titans.

    My remarks were based more on the coven-like aspect of the photos and the regularity with which you meet smacks of "when shall we three meet again, in thunder lightning or in rain, when the hurly burly's done; when the battle's lost and won - there to meet MacD2"

    As far as me being "so lucky as to possess my compelling, chameleonic androgyny" - I think I have done quite well over the years but you're right I do not have your propensity for androgeny.

    these new forums suck. overcomplicated, underachieving. NO AMIDALA!!!

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    Red face my biggest gripe about these new and "improved" forums.....

    is that they is toooooo steril and clean. the old forums (pick your own carnation, old, older, oldest, don't matter which), had a nice personality to em', they may have had their glitches, but i enjoyed using them more than this new one. a good analogy might be the cluttered, slightly dirty, rough around the edges, mom and pop store vs. the big new shiny, everything perfectly coiffed super mall down the road.

    hey! that's jes me. (i'm jes happy to have a contunuing forum on mm's)

    jeddah, you will find an amidala avatar on page three of the avatar cherces. click on the use cp button nestled between the log out and the calander button on the upper right of your screen, then click on the edit options button, scroll all the way down to the change avatar button, and then go to page three of the avatars. amidala is on the bottom row.
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    Thumbs up yeah yeah jdah, i already know i can't compete w/yer hi-quality academic background,

    . . .even though i make up for it & then some w/my excellent Training in other spheres i did see that titan movie waybackwhen, but i still wanna be a specific stygian. hey i know! i'll be a SONTAGIAN stygian! it's perfect: she too possesses a formidable, androgynous VersaTility (she's a Real lesbian, not just a Male one like me ), a sharp eye And knows the value of a nice window seat (hers, as you can see, overlooks centpark; i wonder if it's in the tower gsj's grandpappy designed?)
    gsj: so you look kinda like your faddah; jdah looks kinda like My faddah; if traVolTa were here he'd ask, WHAT'S GOIN ON OVAH HEAH? and how come r2 gets all the nice? doncha like My bf tshirt too??
    b'jr & i went ahuntin, spurred partly by retrieving grif's awings. the good news, grif: it turns out red awing was in a silver-logo box, which has been opened but everything's present, still tied down & in perfect shape, $10.77 incl. tax the bad news: the green awing was no longer there which of course you can't blame on Me since i launched only 2 days after rec'ving your payment, and it took you Weeks to send me said payment anyhoo, after you give me final clearance i'll send off your awing and enclose the change remaining after shipping or, you may wish to wait a week (see end of post below )
    we also found a second silver-logo af awing, also opened but otherwise perfect, $10+tax; anyone wants say so here asap also: sealed silver logo xwing, $20; sealed silver snowspeeder ($10 or $25, can't recall offhand), and o-o-p af rancor $7. also, we bagged b'jr a $6 sealed virago model, $6 o-o-p droideka and 2 applause cloud cities (price not sufficiently impressive to warrant citation though ).
    but the Real newsmaker in this report is r2. i meets up with her at fed spacedock last week to turn over af tie-b and virago to her. but she surprises by havin stuff for me in return! as you can see, here's what she bagged on her trip to lousyanna:
    all 4 mm-sized ep1 snapfast vehicles, $.25 each!
    ep1 mm pax 1 & 2, $1 each!
    af miniscenes that include sithbike, stap and mini droideka, $2 each!
    i turned over all of above to b'jr, who was Glad to get em for such prices except for the eka, that is- i kept that for myself, cuz it's cool thanx to r2, now i have 4 sizes of this: af, applause, commtech and megaction, each offering their own attractions did y'all know that af eka's 3 legs fit perfectly between the triangulated "fork tines" on the top of the aussiebraid holojector? the colors even match nice. try it for yourself
    demonstrating her commendable attentiveness to our crosstawk here, r2 also took note of jdah's wish for a k3po and remanded one to my custody, $7+tax (which reminds me to axe jdah if i may open & examine k-3's commpack? ) now all we need to do is find jdah an r2q5 before i finish timminator's mixtape & wing this pkg britward (but You, jdah, are not working on Any mixtape, so light that candle already! )
    total for r2's stuff was $13.90. meanwhile my total was ~$17, so i ended up giving Her $$
    hey r2, didn't we take a pic in which swaffy's music folder's visible? did it come out? canweseecanwesee? and hey bc3, did you see the teemto pod swaffy sent me? welllll? not too shabby, eh pauly?
    next friday b'jr & i are planning to hit local trekcon dealer room. plz list all yer hunt wants here before then, specifying min. acceptable condition & max acceptable price
    np: redbone (Not leon), "come & get your love"

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    Re: yeah yeah jdah, i already know i can't compete w/yer hi-quality academic background,

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    . . .the bad news: the green awing was no longer ...........after you give me final clearance i'll send off your awing and enclose the change remaining after shipping or, you may wish to wait ..............
    i have an idea,

    grif, send me your addy, and i'll cover the green a-wing from my end, i have several dupes of it laying around!

    vt, you keep the extra scratch from griff, and use it to try and git me some more reasonable priced, (i will only accept srp or less) babylon 5.

    if this is agreeable to all, say so here!

    np: the who (again ) - bargain
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    Sounds Great GSJ!
    Khoo-Ha...Please Pass The Jelly.


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