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    Hard to find figures!

    Well, here we are at the end run of the POTJ line. If history has taught us anything it's that the last wave(s) are usually the hardest to get a hold of.

    We all know about the vintage POTF line, heck some didn't even make it to the US!!!

    I consider the FF collection to be the final end run for POTF2. Despite the fact that we had the Flashback and CommTech figs. I don't really count those as part of the line. I categorize them as seperate collections.

    Then there was the EP1 fiasco! I'm still waiting for Sio Bibble to rear his ugly head at TRU! It will happen people. For those of you who mock me I have 1 thing to say. SWIMMING JAR-JAR!!! I refuse to pay $20.00+ for a stinking EP1 figure (especially a Jar-Jar). I did manage to find this guy at the TRU clearance rack for $1.97!!! So don't give up hope.

    Does anyone remember the glut of FF we got after EP1?

    Anyway, on to the point of this thread.

    What does the future hold for these last few POTJ figures? Several people I have talked to have said that stores will order these conservativly. Due to the fact that EP2 will be out in a few months.

    This does not bode well for the last wave of POTJ. AND considering that they have changed the packaging, these things could be tough to come by.

    That would be a real shame, given the cool army builders that are in this wave.

    IMO, Hasbro should ship solid cases of the Army Builders:
    Gungan Warrior
    Scout Trooper (Clean AND Dirty)
    Imperial Officer
    Rebel Fleet Trooper

    I guarantee these would sell!!!

    So anyway, what do you all think? Will the final wave of POTJ be HTF?
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    Re: Hard to find figures!

    Originally posted by sith_killer_99
    So anyway, what do you all think? Will the final wave of POTJ be HTF?
    POTJ line is not ending any time soon, we still have to get Zutton,Teebo and all the other characters...

    As for the final wave it'll depend who is in it
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    We have about 3 more waves, not including the Deluxe stuff. Hasbro has stopped shipping new regular carded figs til January.

    If they ship 1 wave per month, which is pretty standard right now 3 waves take them up to EP2!

    Taking into account that they will probably start selling EP2 at the end of April/begining of May.
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    Heck,everyone said Hasbro cut back production on POTJ,yet look at all of the ones still in the stores.

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    Actually, Hasbro did cut back on production. But it was only temporary. Look at the Lando wave and the Sandtrooper wave, NONE of those guys are warming pegs as far as I've seen!

    Then they boosted production form the Duros wave on up. It all has to do with quarterly earnings. But I've already talked about that in the old forums, and it's a tired issue.

    Hasbro is cranking out some cooler, more expensive stuff with the deluxe figs. This will help boost profits til EP2. The deluxe figs will probably be pretty common. The new wave in Januarry should sell well, since we won't get any new regular carded figs for the next couple of months. The same may go for February's wave.

    But when it comes to the stuff in March retailers will not be so inclined to order POTJ. Not with EP2 around the corner.
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    I don't know more than any of the rest of you, but it seemed like an interesting conversation, so here's my 2 cents worth.

    The Gungan Warrior started to pegwarm here (San Diego). Stores were receiving army builder cases, (not solid packed with 1 character) but rather the Coruscant Guards, Mon Calamari Soldier, Gungan Warrior, maybe K-3PO was in there, possibly Queen (Theed Throne) and SaeSae Tiin (though the last 2 were selling versus sitting). Porkins might have reshipped, or he might have still been sitting there. I never saw a newly opened case.

    Going back through POTJ, what never seemed to have shipped a lot (or could still sell) were:

    General Leia (Endor) - not that anyone wants her
    Aurra Sing (might still sell, it's Leia BE, and Chewie M. that sit)
    Sandtrooper (where's that variant shoulder pauldron?)
    Luke X-wing (will eventually sit)
    Han Stormtrooper Belt (will eventually sit)
    Vader (Emperor's Wrath)

    IG-88 (I doubt there's demand)
    Plo Koon (still will sell)
    Queen Theed Throne
    SaeSae Tiin
    Lando (will eventually sit)
    JarJar (will eventually sit)
    Bespin Guard (seemed to slow down)
    Ketwol (sold better than I thought)
    Sabe (really surprisingly sold the best of this wave, long run)
    Duro (seemed to slow down)
    Shmi Skywalker (doing fine right now)
    Obi-Wan training helmet (slower from the get-go. Ship carefully)

    Now, FX-7 will sell super at first (but I mean I only want 1 - 2)
    Rebel Fleet Trooper and Imperial Officer will be hard to keep stocked!
    Queen Black Travel (Sabe's decoy) will sell, too.

    These are the figures I'd get out there for X-mas, which Hasbro presumably has some good back-stock of.

    If they have the Sio Bibble wave anywhere, the same goes for that, too!


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