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    Angry Pics of the Solar Sailer

    Rebelscum has posted several shots of the AF Solar Sailer.

    Average toy...
    Not enough detailed and a ridiculous tiny sail...

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    To quote Luke Skywalker, " What a piece of junk!!!!!"

    I can't believe Hasblow would even release that . There is no way a mini-fig could fit into that. And Hasbros suppost to release mini-figs in 2003. They need to go back and redo the entire Solar Sailor. Whatever that is, it's not worthy of the ACTION FLEET. Poor Galoob is spinning in its grave.
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    The bigger...than the sail.

    Only good part about it is the closing side pieces and removeable sail, but it's waaaaaaayyyyyyyy toooo small. Looks more like a Die-Cast scale ship.

    Paying $10 for repainted non-figure versions of stuff most of us already have, and $10 for stuff that belongs in the $5 range like the Sailor.

    just plain
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    I received a few boxed samples about two weeks ago, and they are simply painful to look at.

    The outcome is so different from what was presented, I don't even want to show these to family and friends.

    To throw in another Star Wars quote: "It's not my fault."

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    Nobody is at fault. Except, the higher-ups at Hasbro. What were they thinking releasing that.

    Glitch, we would all love to see what the sailor would have looked like if it was done to scale with the mini-fig. Can you share that photo you posted a while back, but removed later?
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    Well Glitch,

    I know I was a little hard but I've ordered two Sailers anyway...

    I know there are safety and size purposes. This is a toy and not a statue. And I must admit ; as a passionate adult, I'm not really objective. Maybe the Japanese guys of Fine Molds will realize a model of it. The sail and the cables must be very fragile and doing a toy for children with that must have caused you lots of headhaches...

    I will dimantle the second one : I have bought some piano cords, a survey cover (the metallic gold one) and a metallic circular skeleton I've taken from a Hippy lamp...
    I'll try to make something "artisanal".

    The AT-TE is beautiful ; a must have in fact.

    I dream of a "Deluxe" line for collectors (even expensive) with built-up ships from the saga on black display base (with a little plaque). I think about the job made by the english firm "Corgi Toys" with their die-cast collector 1/72' planes line. They are really popular to the adult collectors.

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    now this would have been more like it

    the official site has posted this image of a concept prototype of the sailor complete with cut out figures along side of it for scale

    oh well, just imagine what might have been
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    Wow, that's crap.

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    Now only if Hasbro would release the actual AF SS that size with some mini figs to scale.
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    Saw the AF solar sailer today, I was tempted even though it was kinda funky lookin'. Heck, I still want to know if it opens in half, it almost looks like it does. But this thing is a major disappointment compared to what it could be, the packaging pics of the film version alone show how much better it should be.
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